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3-2-2018 Buell X1 part 2, Buell S1

25-4-2018 - 3-2-2018 Buell X1 part 2. Strip and cleaning the engine. Buell S1 flywheel, and painting

engine on the work bench.. bike parked .. time to split the cases and clean

with some elbow grease and a brass wirewheel the corroded bolts look shiny again

the 4 lower screws loosen in the case, and the allen bolts loose

pulling the main drive out the bearings

side play on this one for sure

light tapping to break the seal on the cases

and clean view on the flywheel this is a late model with pressed bigend pin

oil pressure sensor out 

and oil filter adaptor out

oil pressure check bal and spring

and oil feed line from pump to filter off 

oil line cleaned.. the npt nipple end is turning in the hose, need to check when running if this will not leak, other wise we need to replace this line

pinion bearing checking , these clips can be a crime to remove and even worst to mount again

anyway the race and bearing look very good

i put it back on for protection and transport ( crank will be transported in the case ) 

some cleaning furhter.. cam cover.. wil need more cleaning. but most grime is 

pressing cranks out.. other very nice project.. restoring a S1WL , bike is completely apart.. frame and wheel coated. the customer asked us to take care of the engine.. as the years where not kind to the engine coating we going to clean the case and coat this, before we start the engine rebuild 

the silver coating is bad 

i put the crank bearing mounting tool with some spacers on the sprocket shaft so the heavy fly wheel will not drop out when the bearing is loose

flywheel caught .. too heavy to catch with one hand. better safe than drop a flywheel 

the conical bearings are a set with spacer normaly made to size.. keep theme to getter

the conical bearings are a set with spacer normaly made to size.. keep theme to getter

the S1 crank is still a bolted big end. makes overhauling ea

the S1WL cases put to getter

and to the cleaners

to remove piston pins.. when you cannot push theme out by hand best to use a puller so you do not load up the bigend bearing

pin off the connecting rod. note the wear marks 

2e compression ring is on several spots fully toughing.. very good indication the rings are worn out

while the piston still looks ok

crank has no big end bearing failure, but he rod feels very loose.. we are going to take it apart and make it better than ne

cleaning 1e session 

starting to look clean 

checking the valve to have complete picture what we need to do

valve keys out 

and exhaust rear ou

intake looks like the seal have been leaking. and to much play

the valve spring lower seats stick on due to the oil film under theme 

after removing the valve seals you can check the side play. you can also do diameter measurement, but just feeling the side play is a very clean indication .. these have little to much

exhaust ditto 

bag and tag.

free power tip ... use flat exhaust gaskets.. or do not over tighen the conical the protude in the exhaust port 

valve caps of 

front head looks better.. less heat load, they stay nicer . is my theory

checking the oil pump on wear

just 2 screws

and take the plate of

upside down and turning the gear, the rotor sets will drop out 

big one is return or scavenging , smal one is fees or pressure 

impressive.. the pump stil looks very good 

rotors are perfect

so little cleaning.. a wet finger of running in oil 

and the return rotor back in

separator plate

and feed rotor set back in.. please note due to the very many changes to these pumps. it is not smart to try to buy loose rotors, ( if you still find theme ) HD and we advice to replace the complete pump when it is worn out

some oil in for the gears.. and this is ready for mounting

cleaning the 2e half

gearbox bearings out 

and flywheel back in the case 

some knocking around protection on the rod.. the alumium is soft.. now contact customer