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31-10-2014 2x Buell XB12 big service.

1-11-2014 - Buell Xb12SS, big maintenance. Buell Xb12 Big service.

Buell Xb12SS, big maintenance.


Buell Xb12SS, big maintenance, letting the bike run a little bit to check the intake seals, and warm up the oil, before we drain it.


Buell Xb12SS, big maintenance, checking the primairy chain tension.


Buell Xb12SS, big maintenance, front spark plug is the easy one , make sure you "click" the cable before sliding down the boot.


Buell Xb12SS, big maintenance,rear plug needs a little more work, putting t in with a piece off hose to start the thread, helps to prevent cross threading.


What did we do today 31-10-2014 Buell Xb12SS, big maintenance, rear wheel bearing check, and belt check, these bearings needed replacement.


Buell Xb12SS, big maintenance,front side, for oil change.


Buell Xb12SS, big maintenance, the settings where really off on the front fork, we will adjust the suspension, so the front and rear will be more responsive.


Buell Xb12SS, big maintenance,front wheel bearings where good, but the disk was feeling warped, time for a upgrade.


Buell Xb12SS, big maintenance, new disk, nice design and stays longer strait


Buell Xb12SS, big maintenance, new disk... new pads.. 


Buell Xb12SS, big maintenance, front eng back on, brake fluid change, and test ride the ECM mapping, as the customer complained about the really rough ride.


2e XB12 Big service, customer had some delay as the bike did not wanted to start due to a cranky alarm ( will be my pleasure to take rip out the alarm )


Xb12 Big service , oil drain and filter off , removing the Oem filter works best with a band key 


Xb12 Big service, notice the power clutch extention piece , will need only 1/8 turn loose ( normal 1/4 loose )


Xb12 Big service , mnnn clutch cover screw hole is shot.


Xb12 Big service , and the other one 2, will make a timesert repair.


Xb12 Big service, not to spill debris in the primairy cover, take up the hole.


Xb12 Big service , and drill out the shot threads to the size for the timesert tap, and making the recess with the tool in the set.


Xb12 Big service, little red loctite to prevent the metal inserts ever coming loose again.


Xb12 Big service , and a nice screw hole again.


Xb12 Big service , side stand pivot was loose, still old model.


Xb12 Big service , some one has repaired it, smart but the counter bolt did come loose, so clean, lubricate the pivot and counter bolt back in with red loctite.


Xb12 Big service , customer complained the neutral was very hard to find, first things to check is primary chain tension.


Xb12 Big service , was very loose, will tighten it to specifications, and i think the problems are gone.


Xb12 Big service , yes the rear axles can be very tight, and we regularly need the breaker bar, to get it loose.


Xb12 Big service, mnn no spacer rings mounted on the belt tensioner.. need to check this.


Xb12 Big service , belt is okish, has some ware noticeable but no cracks yet , next rear tyre change, checking it again.


Xb12 Big service , rear wheel bearings where ok.


Xb12 Big service , but the tensioner has been slamming into the exhaust mount.


Xb12 Big service , clearly visible on the tensioner, one reason these can fail, please mount these with the provided spacer rings.


Xb12 Big service , belt guards 2004-2005 models please put the little screws in with never seas they can frees up in the swingarm and with the little heads the hex will round out very fast.


Xb12 Big service , speed sensor cable has been rubbing isolate and locate better.


Xb12 Big service , the belt idler wheel has also been rubbing on the pulley cover, as the spring loaded tensioner needs a little more room to move , i will cut a little strip out, giving it just a little room.


Xb12 Big service, alarm... you have good ones , and bad ones, this is a good alarm, but is a pesky alarm as it is always armed, this activated it self, after 2 minutes , and goose off even while your refueling and was draining the battery, after spending half a day to the sirene , more than happy to cut it out.


Xb12 Big service , normaly we see short cut in mounting alarms, and there out with 3 snips off a wire cutter , but this one was build in by people who know there business as i needed to strip allot off cables to get to the alarm connections.


Xb12 Big service , little dampening material will silence it allot.


Xb12 Big service , while we are here, noted the corrosion in the handle bar switch connectors, will clean theme and put some protective grease in there.


Xb12 Big service, front fork oil done, and rebuild.


Xb12 Big service , last things while warming up to check oil level, and test ride.