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24-3-2018 EBR 1190RX starter motor failure

10-7-2018 - What did we do today: 24-3-2018 EBR 1190RX starter motor failure

ebr in no start. battery is ok 

looking down the power chain, need to cehck the relais and starter solinoid

rear panel removed to free the starter solinoid 

contacts are good

and soliniod is switching when pushing the button

so trouble must be down under there.. starter motor

removing the fairings.. very thin panels.

some screw are T30.. and other ones T27 ? 

disconnecting the indicators.. starting to a patern. bought sides the ground terminal pulled off the wire

crimped to hard ? 

coolent reservoir is empty ?

we need to get down there

losening the covers

and take of the protective radiator screen 

left radiator bracket off 

and bought radiators loose now we can remove teh starter

at first to remove the battery pole.

feed wire taken off , loosen the 2 mouting screws 8 mm spanner / socket 

now you can pull out the starter motor 

the fabriaction numbers for the people who make the failure lists.. bike number 65 

i hear this happen before on the early bikes.. the seal ring is not sealing , and watter / corrosion sets in 

nasty inside the cover

and 2 off the brushes are corroded tight

loosen the feed terminal , to remove the end cap 

nasty corrosiob 

coil has some condens on it to 

the flimsy o-ring that needs to seal it .. small tip prevent this and silicone this —

we can get it to work. but warrenty to the end off the street.. to much corrosion 

brushed are loose... but customer diceded to buy a denso replacement starter motor .. we wait on this to mount it