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2-12-2017 XB88 CI project, checking charging

8-2-2018 - 2-12-2017 Buell XB 88CI project, checking charging problems on XB


It's  time to get this puppy on the dyno. This is a 2006 Model XB12 with a 2008 cranck. stock heads, mild head port work , stock valve, stock cams

set used as slap on big bore to keep in the budget. Maybe later we are going to put ratio roller rockers in.


side stand comes in very handy

new pin of course

and pulling on the spring

shifter is painted.. pivot bushings pressing back in

and spacer in

mnnn as the bike has had a mishap the spacer is pushed a little in the primairy cover , tightening like this and the lever will stay frozen

adding a little washer to the cover will help

tighten now the lever is still moving 

shifter on

adjusting the lever height

and putting a new toe peg rubber on



one off those little things... painted spring

test exhaust on, final exhaust will be on after dyno

and tensioner bac k on

stainles rings under

charging problems

yep... winter has come , front was covered in ice

taking off the right scoop to get to the cables and connectors

the round one is the one from the stator for the 08-10 models

checking resitance to ground .. no connection = good

AC voltage check.. probes in the connector

volt meter to AC.. with the bike running little high idle 40 + volts AC = also good

ok all connected , and we have a charge on the battery poles...

but checking error codes.. i let the bike warm up a litle , the fuel pump was the fuse popping

while the biek is warming up the VR is stopping to charge

and it dropes down under the 13 volts

quick check, as we are working on a replacement VR works...

big bore black coated pegs on

and bleeding the rear brake

throttle cables routed into the bik

and connecting

nice :-)

top side hooked up.. ziptie the tps wire to the fuel rail

the front brake.. as this is changed to ZTL2 brake master the brake light switch connectors are diferent than ZTL1

so new terminals on and some heat shrink

just checking as these are a active ground conductor

gound conenctions in the tail section on

and the seat hook bolts in

battery lying or standing ... works best standing

little trick to leave the loose "nuts" in piece off cut ziptie

bleeding the front brake

chewy bolts... naaah i take 2 new ones

front mask is still in the making

other dash will be also on.. but for now / dyno the stock speedo ziptied on will have to do

first fuel in 2 years ?

priming the fuel system... as few times

plugs we want to turn the engine over to pump oil only..

grrr... neutral switch is out.. happens more after long time standing

so belt off again ( lost count )

new switch in .. good to go

no heel guards... just a little protecting the paint for dyno ..

there is no honor in making the first scratch marks... so protecting it..

oil filter on.. waiting on the run in oil... start up coming week :-)

so new project on