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2-5-2015 lots off little things.

6-5-2015 - lots off little things and nice bikes in the shop.

Nice M2 with new first time Buell rider, needed a second opinion on engine noise yeah they make a allot more noise than the some bikes.


nice X1 with allot off km under its belt still going strong and is take carefor.


Nice Xb9 all the way from Germany for a service and check up.


XB9 check up, oil drain, shifter has made a nasty scratch , will look into this.


XB9 check up, fresh oil filter.


XB9 check up,, belt check up, always hard to tell how long it will last, this is so based on riding conditions and roads.


XB9 check up,caliper is sticking a little, a little clean up on the sliding pin will help.


XB9 check up, to take the wheel out i like to remove the inner belt guard not to damage the nice paint on the wheels.


XB9 check up, bearings feel a little gritty, better replace these , as they will not last untill the next tyre change.


XB9 check up, fresh bearing in... 6e pair iff i count correct this week perhaps i set my standard to high, but i have seen these go bad to fast to soon , check these reguraly guys !


XB9 check up, battery poles tighten.


XB9 check up,on the front end check up.


XB9 check up, same as the rear.. will not last untill the next tyre change, better safe than sorry.


XB9 check up,after thightening the wheel axle, load the suspention a few times , and tighten the pich bolts , than mount any crash protection back, and not to tight so it can slide the lower forks to getter ( binding the front end )


XB9 check up, not sure what happend to the rear set, but the shifter is toughing the primairy cover , perhaps a small drop has bend the shifter or the pedal position is to high , i will give it a little more space using some spacers and a longer bolt ( here shortend to lenght)


XB9 check up, a few spacer gave it room enough.


XB9 check up, now to tough up the scratched , the pens they have for this are very good.


XB9 check up,little new grease on the brake lever as i could feel the old grease crunch.


XB9 check up, and some fresh brake fluid , ready to go.


1125r small service, nice headlight job , mean looking from belgium.


1125r small service, and the rest off the bike is also very nice.


1125r small service, but the blue screen douse not fit the bike anymore.


1125r small service, a dark smoke replacement screen with a little more cover was put on.


1125r small service, very nice lower fairing, a shame they are no longer made , need to remove these for the service, and they come off with a few twists of the quick release fasteners.


1125r small service, oil drain , a bit messy, and take in mind the oil from left drain will come out fast , place the oil pan in the right position.


1125r small service, new filter and o-ring on, prelube the rubber a little.


1125r small service, time frot the fron tend check.


1125r small service, lining up the wheel spokes with the big pot caliper to get it off.


1125r small service, set number 7 placed, new bearings and new rubber.


1125r small service, loading the supention to set the forks.


1125r small service, when you replace the brake fluid, don't forget the cluch fluid, as the clutch fluid is getting dirty.