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16-4-2015 xb gear indicator

18-4-2015 - Xb gear indicator , customer already made a nice mount for it , ask me to connect the wires , as it is not realy plug & play


Xb gear indicator, hooking up most off the wires at the dash connector, need to take 1 connection ( i did took speed & rpm this time to the ecm )


Xb gear indicator, pulled the wire to the ecm and hooked theme up , learing mode and works.


XR1200 Tyre change.


XR1200 Tyre change, and front one.


XR1200 Tyre change , i love this front fork.. quick change no need to take the calipers off.


1125R finishing the noise investigation, filling with oil and coolant.


1125R finishing the noise investigation, bike sound rough, but nothing strange again frown-emoticon will take here out for a longer spin.


buetifull bike brought in for service , all and all a messy day , lots off litle jobs and bikes brought in.