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5-2-2016 Big XR1200 making pretty S1 racer

1-5-2016 - 5-2-2016 XR1200 making pretty, S1 racer trouble shooting

Morning heavy mail call, a other big end repair shipping to us ( we get theme in from all around Europe ) , we will make it better than new

Big service, tyres, RDS handle bar allready done exhaust is back from coating , time to mount it

the RDS super cross handle bar sure looks good

always makes me feel like Xmas , unwrapping nice stuff

as the fittings are tight, the tickness off the coating can be a pain, sanding the pipe ends will help with mounting

flanges and flange c-clips back on the header pipes

loosly fit everything , so it can set correctly

mount bracket on the muffler

lining up the bracket before tightening

muffler on and springs attached

little tapping with a plastic hammer to free the tension on the connections

and O2 sensors back in

little details, i noticed the lock nuts where loos in the crossbar, 2 little drop off a light grade loctite will hold theme with out having to tighten these to hard

other littlething i noticed, indicator was loose and i could turn the housing on the stem , loosening it and a other drop off loctite , to hold it

will stay in place now

time for some custom fabrication , new navi mount bracket bolt pattern is for the handle bar clamps , but will not fit nice now, need to make 2 little spacer

spacers made and longer bolts, and routing the feed cable to the mount

Buell S1 racer trouble shooting, bike douse not run good, customer already checked and replace allot, but still stumbles during acceleration / running ther is a X1 Fi mounted on the bike, and my first tought is something is wrong with the settings , but where the Freak did they leave the diagnostics plug ?

other side off the bike , for a full blown racer somethings cross my mind.. oil level check? , in my opion you shoudl be able to check the oil lever very easy... not so in this case as i need to remove almost the complete tial section to check it

so fist to remove the inner fender holded in with 4 screws

with the innder fender removed, i can get to the seat screws and hold downs for the tail section

hw there is the diagnostic plug from the injection

with the tail section off , gives me much more room to work —

reading out the FI.. afv is at 150 ( about maxed out ) no wonder it is running like crap , but why douse it go to 150 ? fuel pressure or intake leak

the customer al ready removed allot off part, like the fuel pump.. customer asked to have the low light indicator , but the sensor will never work like this

replaced the low lever sensor

mnn fuel pressure regulator feels loose in the housing, looks like we found 1 problem , as there is a fuel pressure leak here, this can be the cause the ecm go crazy

with new o-rings it is a tight press in fit again

time for some mounting, replace all the seals for the pump

with a X1 it is allready a fiddley job, but the back wards mounted fuel pump i can only get the pump in place with my finger tips, puling the wires through and using theme to positining the pomp i can only just reach it from the insode

little silicone lube on the o-rings to hold theme in place and mount the fittings

pressure testing... ok did not check the hose clamp.. was loose and fuel leaked a little , after tighteing the clamp, it stays dry

not to see it the pump functions , i mount a fuel pressure adaptor to the shreader valve

it take a few times priming the pump to bleed the air and pressure to buils up

but with the system bleeded the fuel pump is perfect , fuel pressure in with in specs...

beeing take off a long time , the fliller cap booth shrinks

starting the screws one by one , and forcing the rubber into place helps always

on the newer models the fuel breather has a roll over safety.. ( was also a recall ) this bike still has the ols style open air breahter

fuell cap on

afv reset, and she is purring like a little kitten