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20-3-2015 Buell 1125 tinkertime.

21-3-2015 - 1125 engine noise, time to take action.

i have been starting and listening for engine noise on this bike for some time now, but it is very difficult to pin point even if you hear some something ( most off the time i hear nothing ) .. checking the basics... coolent empty.


1125 engine noise , will refill the radiator also.


1125 engine noise, oil drain looks not really nice... and lumpy ? i wonder if this is still the first oil ?


1125 engine noise , some metal on the drain plug, but as the engine is still very new ( only 2700 km ) there can be some debris on the plug as the oil also lubricate the gearbox.


1125 engine noise , oil siff cover also some debris.


1125 engine noise , flacky stuff not really much 


1125 engine noise , cleaned the siff and put it back as i will take off the clutch cover to check the water pump / oil pump.


1125 engine noise , with a c-clip in the clutch cylinder this will prevent the cylinder to pop out,


other 1125 noise for diagnose..this one is clear as it sounds just like a ducatie running in neutral , when you pull the clutch the sound is less / gone. so clutch out to check the mainshaft nut holding the hub.


1125 clutch noise , removing the pulling nut.


1125 clutch noise , with the cover off you can remove the vacuum "slipper"clutch membrame.


1125 clutch noise, menbrame off.


1125 clutch noise with the inner cover removed you find the clutch springs ease these off.


1125 clutch noise, with a lucky grab you pull out all the plates in one time, best to stack some back to loosen the clutch hub nut , or make a locking plate from some old clutch plates.


1125 clutch noise , the problem i thought it was, a loose hub nut, was not it , there is to much play on the transmission dampening , these springs should be tight , but i can stick a screw driver inbetween with out problem.


1125 clutch noise , one posistion.


1125 clutch noise and the other position , it can move freely, making the noise , funny as i was asked by a customer for this part early this week, and told thim i have not sean this fail in our shop yet... very expencive part , i decided witht he customer to investicate a alternative sollution , but as i need to take off the complete hub, allot more work than planned for today , we will make this repair later on.


1125 clutch noise , so mounting back the clutch hub washer is a spring washer , but loctite is still needed to fasten the nut.


1125 engine noise , back to the engine noise , rear wheel / swing arm out.


1125 engine noise .... i don't like this cover, i really don't it is a pita to remove ,but i need to to remove the rear O2 sensor to remover the rear header.


1125 engine noise , rear o2 sensor out.


1125 engine noise , rear header pipe loose an out off the way, on the 2008 very hard to remove like this but it is out off the way.


1125 engine noise , draining the coolent fluid.


1125 engine noise , clutch cover off.


1125 engine noise , watter pomp cover off and out off the way, and side cover removed , all looks well, enough tension on the chain chain guides not worn.


1125 engine noise , clutch off to get to the oil pump , oil pump gear off.


1125 engine noise , and outer cover taken off the pump. all is well.


1125 engine noise the other rotor pair is behind the cover, and is also good , no marks.


1125 engine noise , so everything back.


1125 engine noise ,nice some things are marked.


1125 engine noise , pesky little cover back, hope to finish this to morrow.