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22-3-2018 XR1200 battery and service X1 rear shock

3-7-2018 - 22-3-2018 XR1200X battery and service Buell X1 rear shock mounting


Xr1200x did not want to run on 2 cylinders after winterstop.. tried the plugs already but that did not work.. bike was left to fix and do a service 

at first we going to check the injectors . so cover of

and fuel tank loose

hpa box loose. the front breather hose is leaking 

these stock hoses are very fragile.. and dry out very soon above the cylinder head 

again spark testing .. yup sparking on bought

take the fuel line lock plate from the injector hosing

so you can pull theme off 

rear one looks nasty

will put a zip tie on it to keep theme apart.. they are the same front and rear 

testing.. resistance is off for the rear one 

i think this helped.. as spray pattern is ok now 

and volume is good for bought 

cleaned theme any way in the ultrasone

injectors in the manifolt and rail on

lock bracket on , note the fuel line needs to point backwards

connectors on 

eeeh ok battery is about empty from all the trying to start, need to charge

in the mean while will start with booster 

thast did the trick running on all cylinders 

ater heating up , oil drain plug out to drain the oil 

i take the shifter out the way to remove the clutch cover

cable adjuster loosened 

and draining teh gearbox oil 

the lock plate came of easy and adjustment seams off ?

with the high perforamce clutch in it needs thinner oil

oil filter .. these are cursed.. i always round off the nut

need to do it the hack way.. 2 screw drivers in 

and a tyre iron 

new filter on, hand tight 

checking the primairy chain 

front fairing of for head light change 

loosen en remove the clamp ring 

and you can take out the original unit 

a led unit come in 

looks good

fairing back on

bracket broke on the exhaust need to fix this 

removing the link pipe to grind off the left over 

going to remake this with a T-band clamp 

with the new bracket on the color will become the same

markings on the muffler , reason the bracket broke ?

any way.. back on stronger 

X1 rear shock , needed checking up 

special block off wood to lift teh weight off the bike

schock back on 

turn the pull rods diagonal to clear the case, chin spoiler and muffler

checking the settings

adjusting to weight 

bike is ready to go back to the owner , very nice X1

Xr1200 shop mule..

had a starting issue 

looks ok.. but is not.. tested this 5 day ago ok 

alamr bike.. contact on 

and pull the main fuse, so the alarm douse not go off

holding bracket loose

always bad to reach , grond pole 

battery slided back in , bracket on and positive on

main fuse back in 

testing.. works.. and charges