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15-10-2015 Uly piston rings ,XB12SCG TLC, XB Fan

16-10-2015 - What did we do today Uly piston rings ,XB12SCG TLC , XB Fan , XB big bore get it going

Uly piston rings, daily driver, brought in for some issues with oil spuwing ( breathers ) and wobbely tail

Uly piston rings, i wonder what cause the wobbel in th rear wink-emoticon

Uly piston rings, axle spacer is also chewed, will put a new one in , next with some bearings

Uly piston rings, a little striping. to get the powerwash and clean the engine some, as we need to tear it down, for cylinder removal

Uly piston rings, head off,

Uly piston rings, first look in the bore, looks good with 60000 km

Uly piston rings, notvery noticeble markings... but still the engine is spuwing oil , sign rings are bad

Uly piston rings. at a glance off the piston it douse not look to bad

Uly piston rings, but look closer to the 2e ring... the ware pattern is full on the ring..

Uly piston rings, this is a indication that the ring is worn out ,

Uly piston rings, on same places it still has a little "black "on it , but for the most part is worn in from top to bottem, a set OS bored cylinder and pistons is waiting for this one

XB12SCG TLC, in for a big service, and some problems

XB12SCG TLC, bad running.. checking intake seals... mnnn... looks like the oem airscoop is left on under the right side airscoop

XB12SCG TLC, yes it is still on... right side scoop will have very little effect like this ? will remove it

XB12SCG TLC, heating up the oil

XB12SCG TLC, and checking for intake seal leaks.. did react on the leak test... , so intake seals on the lost

XB12SCG TLC, customer complained the clutch was slipping under load.. free play and adjustment is good enough.. will inspect the plates

XB12SCG TLC, i love the smell off burned clutches :-X

XB12SCG TLC, clutch cable is leaking also a little

XB12SCG TLC, shitfer off to remove the primairy cover

XB12SCG TLC, clutch cable loose... i will put in a real pivot pin. not a bolt, will make it feel so much better

XB12SCG TLC, trying to remove the exhaust... the screws where put on top... nice but incredible difficult to loosen theme again..

XB12SCG TLC,trying to take off the idler bracket, but she is playing hard to get..

XB12SCG TLC, as loctite was put in the studs... mase it very hard to remove the bracket

XB12SCG TLC, there are more ways than one to tackle a problem, i can not get the bolts loose for the straps as i have no room the the key,, but when i remove the complete bracket i can

XB12SCG TLC, so with the bracket removed with exhaust... the straps came off easy

XB12SCG TLC, first the bracket back on

XB12SCG TLC, checking the clutch , primairy cover off


XB12SCG TLC, with a clutch tool remove the spring

XB12SCG TLC, not really badly bruned, but enough to make it slip under power, best to replace theme

XB12SCG TLC, new high performance pack... soak the new plates in oil

XB12SCG TLC, whipe the plates clean and stack theme back in finishing with the double sided plate

XB12SCG TLC, check and clean behind the clutch spring as debris can collect there

XB12SCG TLC, and spring plate back on... secure the c-clips + holder so the spring is secure


XB12SCG TLC, the high performace cltuches , do advice a thinner oil

XB12SCG TLC, gater looks inside out ?

XB12SCG TLC, pulling it back as the old one is torn as well

XB12SCG TLC, mnnn some broken stains on the cable.. failure waiting to happen... with the leaking cable, gater ... to many issues , will replace the cable


XB12SCG TLC, new cable on

XB12SCG TLC, and a normal pivot bolt wink-emoticon

XB12SCG TLC, little neverseas on the splines

XB12SCG TLC, and loctite on the shifter bolts

XB12SCG TLC, setting primairy chain tension

XB12SCG TLC, belt has some little cracks , nothing serieus yet

XB12SCG TLC, so strip the aribox to change the intake seals

XB12SCG TLC, remove the coil

XB12SCG TLC, with the coil, with the coil removed yoy have better acces to the throttle cables

XB12SCG TLC, for engine rotation.. Scg... take the front fender off

XB12SCG TLC, front engine mount removed... bone dry.. must have been the first time

XB12SCG TLC, so manofold off

XB12SCG TLC, hard and not looking to good..

XB12SCG TLC, manifold back in , engine back up

XB12SCG TLC, can you guess witch one was leaking wink-emoticon

XB12SCG TLC, clean the conenctors good, they tend to fill up with dirt when you disconnect theme, and they will no longer lock

XB12SCG TLC, threads chaser to clean off the studs for the idler bracket , if you want to do loctite on these, do this when the bracket is you not silde the loctite in the bracket holes

XB12SCG TLC, cleaned and neverseas

XB12SCG TLC, rear wheel bearings where about done.. will replace theme now, so nothing to worry about for next year

XB12SCG TLC, mnnn idler pully has been running into the exhaust straps

XB12SCG TLC, with a Scg model... common problem... hitting allot off things with the exhaust. i will put some new straps on, before they break

XB12SCG TLC, all stainless hardware, use neverseas.. it will goull

XB, starting issues , and cooling fan rattle , the starting issues was a simpel neutral switch problem , pulling the clutch helped... but to check the fan i need the diagnostics port... where the ... heck did they leave this.... this bike is no fun to wrench on :-X

XB, starting issues, and i really don't want to take off the tail section... as the foam to mould the tail bump in fiberglass is still left inside

XB, starting issues , but ok there is the plug... checking the fan running, yeo rattles like a nuts in a bucket , bearings are shot.. will replace the fan , brfore it breaks down

XB, starting issues , shock out... and swapping the fan out

XB bigbore , get it going, engine was build, but never finished, douse not run... brought to us to see if we could fix it... the bike has a hard time rotating the enigne, could be friction on the new bigbore cylinders ? could be compression ?

XB bigbore , get it going, rear cylinder.. ok that is high, on a cold engine

XB bigbore , get it going,mnnn front one is 2 bars lower ???.