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30-11-2017 service XB9Sx, XB12SS black tail

25-1-2018 - What did we do today 30-11-2017 Buell XB9Sx service, Buell XB12SS black tail

very nice XB9Sx well kept and clean.. 40000 km done

while the engine is warming up, check up battery poles an sutch 

airbox clean .. the way we like , engine and rings are in good health 

exhaust is also still nice after we have coated this some time ago 

so drain the engine and geasrbox oil 

while leaking rattle the shifter to see it the bolts are loose , this one could use a little tightning 

gearbox drain plug, new o-ring and a little hydro loctite to help seal

oil back in.. and bal and ramp mechanisme in 

before you adjust it , loosen the cable adjuster 

lightly botteming and 1/4 turn loose 

old oil filter off 

and new one on 

removing the rear caliper to check the rear wheel

load off the bike, and belt guard loose, remove the axle 

wheel bearing check .. rear is ok 

belt also looks good

idler pully runs smooth to and spring tensioner works

rear wheel back in, and axle to 66 NM 

with the rear wheel still in the air , check the primairy chain tension on 3 places 

new plug in the front 

adjusting the clutch cable adjuster just a little free play on the lever 

checking the sparkplug wires.. little rubbing , but this is ok here

new plug rear , extentioner needed

airfilter base plate back on and air filter mounted 

moving to the front end 

pinch bolts loose

caliper bolt loose 

and wheel out.. bearings feel funcky , i will replace these

forks out for oil change 

first cleaning the lower ends

isolation tape helps. to keep the cap nuts clean san crisp 

forks at 2 lines in the clamps 

new bearings in the wheel and back in

tighen the front axle 55 Nm 

brake fluid change clean the compensating membrame

new fluid front and rear 

customer wanted other mirrors.better ones ..2 bar end mirrors are selected, mounted on our vibration dampers will give a very strong and vibration free mounting 

make sure the throttle still runs free and douse not bind on the grip

the old mirror holes.. plugged 

check to see the mirrors are cleared 

old mirror off 

warming up and test ride ... cold here 

xb12ss tail was removed, so the customer could paint it 


i will sand the ground point clean 

like this ... prevents allot off trouble 

1 side on and undertray hooked in

1 side on and undertray hooked in

preping the tail section

the grater is mounted top side with 2 rubbers 

and below woth the licenceplate light 

mounting the indicators and reflectors

tail section back on 

new clutch lever, removing the old one 

new one on.. very nice these Oberon levers

mirror off 

brake lever removed.. bike has had a mishap lever is bent 

the hinged is not cracked, but it is streched out 

bar end mount adaptors in 

and nice bar end mirrors on

passenger pegs also painted... always need to check 2x how the heel guards need to be mounted

passenger pegs on 

heating op the engine for oil change

oil filter off 

new filter primed and wet the o-ring

bearing check .. ok 

belt still ok ... starting to wear but still ok

primairy chain check

there was a small leak on the exhaust, i could not see where , so take it off to check 

rear straps loose

with the exhaust off, easy to seen it was leaking there 

so cleaning the header, and some mounted paste on the connection 

pipe back on.. leak is closes

license plate mounting.. please so some double sided tape under it.. will prevent the plate from rattleing off

front wheel check , and disk problem.. you see the band pattern on the disk 

you see easier where it is warped if you visualise it

inner band sharpy is gone