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1-2-2018, XB12X inspection and repairs

17-4-2018 - What did we do today 1-2-2018 XB12X time inspection and repairs

we did a quick inspection, got a Ok fromt the customer for repairs.. so on we go

airbox off as we are going to rotate the engine , stock filter in looks ok for now.. i know the customer has plans.. one thing at the time 

intake stack off 

and cut the cables free

throttle cables need to come out the handle 

omg.. this is tight

need to fight the front bolt for every turn.. as the thread insert did come loose 

with a counter spanner on the allen to hold it , so you can make a stroke with the ratchet , to tension the bolt / rubber

no room to use a 1 inch spanner to loose the insert of the bolt 

after 15 minutes fighting.. arms are pumping.. i have enough room to hold the frame insert with a spanner

if this happens your bolt usualy looks like this, corroded

anyway.. engine rotated and removing the intake 

vacuum bite marks on the seals 

but off cleaning and new vacuum port cap on 

when you notice things.. front spark plug cable is rubbing against the wire harnes like this 

if you point the cable in, you have less problems with this 

manifold in and tighen the mounting screw

now first to mount the thread insert back in.. to get a socket on.. the rubber bump stop needs to be removed 

it can be stuck on 

after cleaning the bolt , loaded with neverseas and screw it in to get the greas inthe insert

loctite on , as we not really want this to come out again 

screwed in , size 1 inch socket 

rubber stop back on 

rubber stop back on 

engine up and perfect.. can be turned in by hand 

and setting to TQ

clutch cable is comming of 

in the long run not relaible.. as 1 wire is already broken , and old model cable with out teflon liner

we need to remove the clutch mechanism

and the shifter bracket

old cable out, new one in.. screw it in as straight as possible , the cable will live longer 

bit off lube on the adjuster to protect against corrosion 

shifter bracket on.. drop off red loctite on the bolts

clutch adjusted.. gatter on.. small ziptie on the ends to seal theme 

rear wheel bearings where done , one side is actualy frozen and i can not turn it by han

rear caliper loosening the bolts and pins.. all a little corrode

needed to use force to get the pad pin loose

little uneven wear on the pads , best to check and clean the sliders

rubber loose, and cleaning the hole

fresh thick grease in 

and mount caliper to the bracket.. line up the bolt.. can cross thread it easy

little cleaning an a dab neverseas.. so the pin will not corrode solid

and mounting back with new pads 

oil filter on 

and setting the primairy chain tension as it was a little to tight 

chain sticky lube.. very good for side stands

front side

wheel out, for bearings and disk

new bearings pressed in

disk removed.. the springs are corroded in the holes and do not work properly

with thin screw driver.. needed to pull theme out hard

not drilling.. but honing the hole clean

our new springs.. stainless steel .. i still give theme a light coat of neverseas

and new disk on... like these very much.. brakes very nice

little drop off blue loctite and screwing in the bolts , line the spacers out correctly 

and set to 35 Nm

new pads in the caliper

and front wheel back in

loctite on the caliper bolts and set to 50NM

exhaust.. mount the missing bushing, so the exhaust is hold on

defenaly was not tight.. has been ratteling and leaking

to help seal some firegum on the collector

and swapping the jardine bracket around

better like this.. no spacers needed anymore 

and exhaust is exiting next to the tire , instead off right on the rear tire

a few taps with a rubber hammer to seat the slip on and tighen the clamp

chin spoiler bracket on

mnnn to close for my liking.

little bending on the bracket. better like this

moving to the top .. the throttle cable show also some corrosion .. a coat grease will help theme not sticking solid in the bracket after time

cleaning up the brake lever

hard and crusty grease.. you could here the lever creak

cleaned and fresh grease.. a joy to pull the brake lever :-) 

cleaning up the connection , ziptie the tps wire to the fuel rail , so the vibrating will not hurt the tps wire connection 

stack on.. check it is mounted correct 

quick ecm reposition . so the seat will not rest on the connectors with the change off big problems with the ecm cracking 

as i noticed the solinoid motor was stil on , but no longer functioning , i will program it out 

and she is running.. she will run much better with a fuel map.. but that is later

front end, as the steering head knocks , bearing need retightening , front lifted and lower clamps bolt loos

handle bar clamp of 

and retightening the steering bearings

when done, fasten the lower clamps bolts again

i will set the suspention also .. as everything is real soft.. way to sof

brake fluid. cloudy with a chance of ..

the old fluid left a coating .. yuk 

some cleaning later.. and fresh fluid in 

looks better..

the same rear.. and test ride.. :-) nice Uly