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9-8-2014 rear disk tyres and fuel low level sensor

30-1-2015 - Buell XB12SCG, rear pads change. Buell Xb9SX 2009, tyre change. Buell Xb12X resurrection, customer took the bike for a spin, and called it was stalling.

XB12SCG, rear pads change, at last inspection there was still plenty left, but heavy use off the rear brake , has worn out the rear pads to fast. Our new brake disc: 


XB12SCG, rear pads change, metal to metal, not good. our new pads you can find here:


XB12SCG, rear pads change, we replace the rear disk to,


XB12SCG, rear pads change, they can be very tight, bits slipping, lots off force needed, with the impact air wrench easy work.


XB12SCG, rear pads change, disk on and wheel back in.

Our pads you can find here: our brake disc here:


XB12SCG, rear pads change, some fresh pads, and good to go. REAR BRAKE FROM US: FROM US:


Buell Xb9SX 2009, tyre change, new buell rider welcome to the family


Buell Xb9SX 2009, tyre change, taking the rear wheel out with nice wheels, better to remove the inner belt guard, so it would not hit the wheel.


Buell Xb9SX 2009, tyre change, rear caliper off some protection to the swing arm.


Buell Xb9SX 2009, tyre change, off course we checked the wheel bearings  nice new profile on the Michelins pilot road 4 nice tyre for all round use.


Buell Xb9SX 2009, tyre change, front wheel, removing the front fender , first time it comes off, screws are in with loctite.


Buell Xb9SX 2009, tyre change, bone dry out off the factory, will lube it up so the bearings will not seeze 
on the axle. You can find the seeze we use here:


Buell Xb9SX 2009, tyre change, front bearings are done.. 14500 km. You can find the bearings here:


Buell Xb9SX 2009, tyre change, new bearings in. You can find them here:


Buell Xb9SX 2009, tyre change, the pads where also whel they can do some km but better to replace theme now we have everything off anyway. OUR BRAKE PADS:


Buell Xb9SX 2009, tyre change, lube axle for longer lasting health: the lube we use:


Buell Xb9SX 2009, tyre change, after tightening the axle , load the suspention a few times to set the forks , and thighten the axle pinch bolts.


Buell Xb12X resurrection, customer took the bike for a spin, and called it was stalling ? strange.. as i id take a test ride with it , and felt good , engine will start but stalls right a way.


Buell Xb12X resurrection, i could not find anything strange. why it should not run... petrol ? low light douse not burn !? quick look in the tank and little shake to the bike , i did not hear any slussing... i bet it has run dry, a little amount off fuel and would start up again... ok


Buell Xb12X resurrection, why is the low light not burning, looking at the fuel pump connector , some one has taken the time to remove the sensor wire from the plug... i bet the sensor is broken  


Buell Xb12X resurrection,just checking to be sure, yellow red wire to ground on the bike harness.


Buell Xb12X resurrection, and after a delay ( from the integrated circuit in the speedo, from about 20 seconds ) the low light came on, on that part works.


Buell Xb12X resurrection, measuring a new sensor resistance.


Buell Xb12X resurrection,sensor in the bike douse more ( book says max resistance 1.1K Ohm ) empty.


Buell Xb12X resurrection, ok fuel pump out, remove the footpeg adaptor plate.


Buell Xb12X resurrection, rear wheel out... your kidding, the wheel bearing dropped out.


Buell Xb12X resurrection, i really don't know about this bike, but the 6500 km on the speedo is not how much this bike has done.


Buell Xb12X resurrection, pinch bolt swing arm axle loose.


Buell Xb12X resurrection,and take the swingarm axle out 


Buell Xb12X resurrection,shock lower bolt out , so the swing arm can be swung aside, to get the fuel pump out.


Buell Xb12X resurrection, i did put in a little fuel so draining this is easy witth a small holder.


Buell Xb12X resurrection,remove the screws and the line connection.


Buell Xb12X resurrection, a wrech a fuel pump bolt and some washers and use the hole in the middle and you can wiggle the pump out.


Buell Xb12X resurrection, little twisting , take care for the filter and presure regulator, and she comes out, note the single o-ring on the pump... some one has been here before and left a sloppy job.


Buell Xb12X resurrection, all fuel pump wires are also scuffed by the aluminium holder 


Buell Xb12X resurrection, sensor out only hold on by a little screw and washer for grounding the outer shell off the sensor.


Buell Xb12X resurrection, placed some fuel resistiant shrink hose over the wires and protective netting over all the wires sould be good.


Buell Xb12X resurrection,old O-ring will swell from the fuel , if you leave theme to sweat out the fuel they will shrink again, (to long for me to wait, so i will put 2 new ones on ) 


Buell Xb12X resurrection,looking for burrs int he frame opening who can damage the seals


Buell Xb12X resurrection,and pump back in, i make the wire back in the connector again.


Buell Xb12X resurrection, testing the sensor low level light did some on after 20 ish seconds, and did go out after about 3 liters off fuel.


Buell Xb12X resurrection,swing arm back in place.


Buell Xb12X resurrection, schock back on.


Buell Xb12X resurrection, and rear wheel back in with new bearings glued on with metal glue, and will advide the customer to look out for a new wheel.


Buell Xb12X resurrection, fuel tank overflow hose back in the foot peg bracket, and she is ready.