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10-6-2016 XR1200 Clutch, M2 work, uly

19-7-2016 - 10-6-2016 XR1200 Clutch, M2 get 't going, high screen Uly.. and surprice clutch cable , tyres and side stand

 XR1200, slipping clutch in 5e gear under load , as these are heavy bikes the clutch takes some beating

everything hot... drain the gearbox fluid

love the smell off burned clutch in the morning :-X

shift lever loose

outer adjuster turned in

and clutch cover off

and take the clutch mechanisme out

primairy chain inspection cover off as we need to check this after remounting the cover

and chain tensioner loose and turned out

cover screws out and you can take off the cover

clutch tool very handy

you need to leave the pulling rod in the hub, and screw it on the clutch tool

screw the tool in by the handle you will need a spanner to hold the pulling rod and with a flat screw driver you can take out the c-clip

c-clip and seat removed

now you can take off the pressure plate with spring

with a slipping clutch always check under the spring, as debris can collect here

some clutch dust visible , customer noted the slipping and stopped before it could get worse

clutch pack taken out... in the middle the heat markings are the worst... like i said.. customer felt it slip... trying to get it slipping will make this very soon much wors and will leave you stranded with a complete burned out clutch

for Xb and XR1200 who use the same clutch the last ones are half plate and half convex ring

and at the bottum a half steel flat ring

stacking the new clutch pack in follow the instuctions in the box

and end with the double sided plate

pressure plate back on, check the c-clip seat good.. the c-clip it self can be mounted with your fingers

cover back on.. loctite on the cover screws

and tq down in a spiral motion starting in the middle

these high performance clutch packs like a thinner oil so the fluid friction is smaller when cold , bike creaping forward when you aplied the clutch and in 1e gear

clutch mechnisme adjusted

and set the outer cable adjuster

little neverseas on the shifer axle

and loctite on the shifter lever pinch bolt .. and she is good to go

M2.. something worng with the carb.. as it douse not want to run nice , double check

draining the float bowl , easy with the drain screw

checking the jetting 200 main.. a little big for a stock exhaust , i will a stap smaller in

checking the float level.. could do a little adjusting

top side needle check , one cover bolt did not want to play and needed to dril the head off

oo bugger... some things you take for granted.. but some one has been playing with theis carburator.. the needle jet is missing.. no wonder the bike drouwns .. so to be contineud

Uly wind screen swap

stock screen can be pulled off

for the after market screen we need to reuse the original rubber pins

but with a high screen i want to add some security the screen douse not come off on high speed , the 40 bucks option on the orginal bolts .. or make some big washers make theme dish shaped and cut a slot so the rubber pins can go through

flyscreen off to secure theme on the back side

nackered flyscreen screws trow theme away and put some new in

windscreen on the flyscreen

and the lower pins secured with the washers we made

nice :-)

that was quick customer was 2 corners away and the clutch cable broke.. mnnn ok

so new cable on , remove the clutch mechanisme

chin spoiler loose left side

front bracket loose

and pull the cable out

new cable with o-ring and loctite, mount the cable in a straight line to prevent the outer cable comming loose in the metal and start leaking gearbox oil

shifter back on

clutch cable trought the top plate and back on the handle.. easy job customer could quicky continue his trip

tyre change.. needed the braker bar to loosen the axle

yep used untill the last thread ..

just a thing i noticed.. side stand pivot was half way out ? sould not be possible with the new pin

the c-clip was missing, a little lubrocation and new c-clip mounted