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5-12-2018 XB12R finish XB12S 2008 REMUS problem

9-5-2019 - What did we do today 5-12-2018 Buell XB12R finish Buell XB12S 2008 REMUS catalytic problems

new studs mounting... use a little loctite to fasten theme

new gaskets in 

and mounting the new retaining rings on the header

clamping the flanges in

and mounting the header on the bike 

the broken of tab.. hope this will hold , 2k glue with doubler plate to take the heat 

engine back up and set bolt to TQ 

spark plug cable .. booth is cracked.. will replace this

exhaust back on

give the pipe connection a love tap.. before you tighten the clamp to get the tension out

scoops back on 

roght scoop on

mnnn rattles..... will put some rattle tape behind it 

connecting under the bonnet

and airbox cover back on

old battery .. has 180 cca left.. is a little light for a XB

new battery in mount the strap.. the hook part first and than the slot .. with a screw driver


little whiping my greasy hand prints of, and she is ready for here owner again 

little whiping my greasy hand prints of, and she is ready for here owner again 

XB12S... puffing black smoke, and running bad. already diagnose AFV was 140 .. intake seals leaking. but still running bad and becoming hot very fast.. exhaust is also blowing between the clamp ? .. blocked catalistic converter ?

strip down for engine rotation. intake seals so throttle cables loose 

airbox off

take the coil out 

to have better acces to the throttle cables ( 08-up are screwed ) 

fuel lie loose 

and left foot peg bracket off , as this will hit in the primairy cove

loosen the 2 connectors on the w-brace 

chin spoiler off

if postitioned correctly you can get to the rear straps

sometimes hard to get.. than it is easyer to take the idler bracket of 

stock exhaust clamp on remus exhaust... douse not work... clamp is to big , and can not be tightened enough.. the pipe adaptor that came with the exhaust is not mounted !! 


and rattleling

see the wear marks on the pipe ,, this will wear out the pipe over time 

engine down

and injector wires loose 

see the rubbers sticking out 

loosen thte center screw

sparkplugs ? i will check these.. i think best to replace

intake seals.. no vacuum bites.. but the edge is hard

little cleaning to the heads 

and manifold back on

rear is rear... white front 

with the engine down.. plugs is a breaze .. front one is black as the night .. thick off soot

new plugs.. check the gap 

spark plug connectors where not clicking.. the ends where bend open carefull closeing them with a plyer

rear plug.. same story 

engine up and brace back on 

mnn looking inside.. indeed looks like it is blocked 

some poking and grinding... removed the broken catalystic converter.. it is completly full and closed about half way the pip

rubbing marks better visible , mount with some exhaust mounting paste 

new clamp on 

and rear straps i 

front mounted 

idler sound like a macarena ... bearings are running dry , this will not hold that long 

so spiral spring out

and new bearings pressed in 

thin end spacer on the nice side 

belt tension is not to much so i can mount it with the belt in place 

moving up.. throttle cables 

coil and cable back on 

and running warm.. much better :-)