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22-6-2016 M2 rod knock, Uly topend overhaul thrott

28-7-2016 - 22-6-2016 M2 rod knock, Uly topend overhaul throttle shaft replacement in detail , Uly crash damage, XB gearbox start

customer justg bought a M2 nice bike... but that knock ? is that normal ? well after hearing this... rod knock... no not really normal..we took the engine out, and started disasembly to look at the damage

big end bearing is out.. and the debris has scarred the cylinders/ pistons

cylinder liners rear cylinder are loose, i think we will go for the Xb cylinder option, with the bigger cooling fins , bore is the same

5e gear bearing is half way out, as the seal has been leaking already ( belt was also way to tight )

oil pomp gear , remarkeble the oil pump it self was not hurt ..

crank pressed out , and packed to go the the machine shop

valve are not that bad , can do with a cleaning and re grind.. but not really much play in theme

Uly top end overhaul, time to put the headers on.. i will replace these corroded exhaust lock rings

with some fresh ones the header will stay on longer

headers back on

now the fix the original problem... the broken throttle shaft

first tps sensor off

and take the nylon bushings out

you can turn the trottle around and nip the end off the screw off ( lock screw )

you can try to unscrew theze throttle shaft screws but most likely they will not come out, drilling the head off to recover the plate

carefull , not to hard ,

with the head drilled off you can pull out the plate and last piece off the shaft

the throttle cam... with the other end off the broke off shaft

our new throttle shaft, whitch we make.. made ready for bought model TPS sensors models

lyning up the bits and pieces

fist on is the c-clip on the tps sensor side

little silicone grease and nylon bushing back in

new shaft put in and slide the throttle plate in after cleaning , line it up in closed position

little drop off red loctite on the screws ( we provided enough in the kit )

and tighten the throttle plate

vilt ring on the throttle cam side

and nylon return spring guide

hook the cable cam on the spring and twist the spring lyning up with the slot

and put the lock nut on, thighen and check the spring runs free and you don't pinch it

and test the working, need to run smooth, open and closed

now for the tps sensor... check what model tps sensor you have , this is old model ( 1999-2006 )

and put the pin in the hole so this will work with your tps sensor

put the tps sensor on , turned like this

and rotate it so you fasten the screws

a litle neverseas on the idle adjuster

about ready to go back on the bike

top mount and coil bracket on the heads

line out the coil bracket as this doubles as the manifold support

and trow away the corroded screws

manifold in and injector wires back on

plug an cables the easy way ;-) ( with engine rotated

and don't forget the pcv valves before you rotate the engine back up

engine up and v-brace back on

mnnn yes need to fix this to broken off cover screw

and need to put a shifter pivot bushing in here

cover off to have a look at the drilled off screw

sutch a end stickong out... lets try with a stud extracter

ok.. that did not help , but broke clean off , but nice starting point to dril the screw out

will take the clutch and chain off

and after some drilling... retapping the threads

works :-)

clutch basket back on , prelube the hub needle bearing

out , mainshaft retaining ring

primairy back on, and new gasket

cover back on and tq to specs, circle out pattern

fresh oil in and clutch mechanism back on

original spacer did fit the non stock shift lever

and checking the primairy chain tension

noop i will not mount this one back on...

customer provided with a almost like new one ... better

rear straps on

yes a other one i need to dril out... lucky me :-)

cables connected, the throttle was sticking on the bar end plug ... don't like when throttles stick

check if the oil pressure light burns

this one would make oil pressure after a few turns off the engine , nice

new set tps

and fist heat cycle...30 sec... runs not great, but this will get better soon.. the fresh bores and running in lube need to get the frist rough edges off

so 30 seconds... smoking from the mounting lube used... cool down for next heat

my college, started the Xb gearbox problem.
stripping the engine out the bike

Uly crahs repair 

bike did fall on the right side, brake lever, handle bar ect...

removing the wind guards... heat up the screws there in with loctite and you will damage the heads... trust me

right side switch off

hardly to see from the out side , but brake lever broke , this one was sticking, but we see these allot and not sticking !! only way to tell there pointing down a little

left side all the stuff off the bend handle bar

heated grips left side is screwed on with 2 screws

8mm.. cluch lever bracket off

and old bend handle bar off

nice new handle bar for Uly comes with the heated grip holes predrilled 

new brake lever on , with grease

old mirror off

new one in

new bar end plug hammered in, these can be a reall pain to mount

my collegue , has take the engine out, to morrow strip down to look for the 2e gear ( is not working