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28-3-2018 Uly service, XR1200 E-mark TQ hammer

14-7-2018 - 28-3-2018 Buell XB12X service, XR1200 E-mark Torque Hammer mounting, Buell 1125CR superbike handle bar swap

nice Uly in for check up 

running warm for the oil change. notished a high idle . hooking up to the computer.. notice the low tps value

and the high ego.. tells me , intake leak

just checking ;-) 

the brake cleaner fattens the mixture right away .. ( see Ego correction ) yep leaking intake seals 

first the service.. oil out 

front plug out 

running lean..

running lean..

gearbox oil in

and filter replacement

O o .. this one will take some effort to loosen 

bike lifter.. rearwheel bearing check.. ok 

belt is also looking good 

primairy chain check .. ok

uly and exhaust with room.. cutting some corners..

engine suspended 

and front engine bolt out.. will clean and lube before mounting

moving up.. airbox off ..looks like the bike has been back firing ( oil in the rear ) would not take this down to piston rings

stack removed

fuel line and connectors loose 

engine rotated and loosening the screws, cut off allen works very nice to loosen the tight screws 

1/2 hex head on the other side

front plug cable is getting worn trough

front plug cable is getting worn trough

intake seals with vacuum bite marks 

with the angine down.. very easy spark plug replacement

new front cable on.. turn this inside , so it will not rubb to the wire harness 

engine rotated up and front bolt in

very nice XR1200 in for E-mark Tq Hammer 

and small service check .. draining the oil 

bike was fitted with lamba foolers .. who is fooling who ;-) we will remove these and connect the O2 sensor like they should be

V&H exhaust.. to loud for the customer ( and start to rust already )

pully cover of

pully cover of

al ready added extra clamps to give the exhaust some strenght

header nuts out 

and flanges removed 

the stock gaskets ( tapered ) are not realy good for flat exhaust pipes 

so take these out , and mount flat gaskets 

flanges and new c-clips on the new header 

and loosely mouning the pipes 

link pipe on

mounting the mufler bracket

need to take of the seat to remove the stock exhaust clamp

this bracket is in the way 

exhaust mounted.. pully cover on.. use a thick washer under the lower 1/4 bolt 

DB insert removed 

and checking the primairy chain 

updating the ecm with the correct fuel mapping 

and a decal to let other mechnics know not to reflash the eeprom 

while programming the fuel mapping.. i heared to my surprice the flapper valve... serieus ? open exhaust.. O2 signal foolers.. K&N filter. and than leave the flapper valve in.. realy douse not make any sence to me 

airbox off.. yep flapper is still in 

ok open up the box

and take this one out 

some holes for more air . aka free HP 

warming up.. pipes look cool.. very nice color on these when they heat up.. 

on with the Uly.. , w brace fixed 

and hooking up the wires 

meehh .

meehh .

front wheel bearing check .. ok 

front caliper bolts 50 NM

changing brake fluid front.. will replace the nackered screw 

fresh front and rear 

setting tps as we took out the throttle bodie 

warming up... looks much better now :-) 

setting the oil level

and she is ready for the season 

1125 CR in for handle bar swap 

now with M bar, but customer wants more upright

we need to take out the airfilter box.. carefull leave the filter unit in whan you pull out the base plate.. as there is always allot off dirt in the base plate 

and you will pull of the idle air hose.. no biggie 

stripping the handle bar 

bar ends out

and loosening the throttle cables —

twist the throttle open to get the cables barrel out 

draining the brake system before i remove it 

brake about empty 

as is the clutch 

old cable out

and new brake line in 

handle bar removed

mounting the new.. made easy with the markings 

whole different look 

pulling the clutch line trough 

bracket needs to loosen for the line 

mounting back the master cylinders 

throttle cables on

and tighten the handle bar switch

bleedint eh brake and clutch

new grip in the handle bar.. and mounting the vibration bar end 

we also need to mount the stock exhaust back.

so 2 screws and the exhaut 

is of 

the stock exhaust.. still looks like new 

pipe gaskets new ones in.. note to mount these deeper to cover the expention slots to make theme gas tight 

these are heady.. a quick screw driver in the hole will hold the mufler up 

lyning up the other bolts amd tighten the clamps 

and airbox and cover back on.. she is ready to go