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9-7-2016 Uly love, heat cycling...

24-8-2016 - 9-7-2016 Uly love, heat cycling...

customized front on the Uly. looks good , in for a new front tyre as it drops pressure 

caliper off, axle loose 

wheel out , and off course bearing check.. the fact we replaced these not so long ago nothing wrong... but check it anyway

new tyre on and setting the front axle to tq 

leaking drain plug, the treads are gone in the swingarm

and i can unscrew it by hand... not good 

auto stores sell boxes oversize plugs... there odd sized so in most cases you can use the existing hole and ream / tap the new threads in 

sticky grease on the tap to catch the burrs 

so to leave as little as posible in the swingarm , rinse the swing arm out

and new plug in , with a little hydrolic loctite ... don't over tighten these 

hooking up the feeds to the navigation ... the flyscreen is a tilt away construction... nice 

filled with oil... oil pressure light douse not come on at key switch 

easy check if the sensor is broken.. tough ground with a screw driver it usualy works 

thin walled socket i ones made to i can chance these easy.

and working... check this lot off people never notice the light douse not work at key switch and think it wil go on with to little oil pressure... but if the sensor is not working it will never burn 

last start up top end overhaul..

last start up top end overhaul...

time to rebuild stuff , i will remove the original intake restiction and free some horses 

with after market exhaust , the original exhaust solinoid can also be remove , loosing a other half kilo on the bike :-) will take care off the error light 

the cable for the solinoid is next to the battery, remove the ground tab, pull the connector apart —

and you can pull the cable out running throught the fan hole in the frame

cover on and ready to test ride.. i leave the cooling scoops off for now to check for oil leaks after first ride —

and fix the loose battery try, bolts passengerpegs where in wrong... long one needs to go in the rear hole 

short bolt to the front 

and long bolts trought the battery tray 

and with a lock nut ( 3/8" size ) fasten the battery try

powercoating came back... customer asked for us to put it to getter

wings back on 

after powder coating most things need a little work.. as the thick layer off coating makes holes smaller

and needed to clean up the space for the peg, to go in

white... ready to on the bike