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2-3-2019 XB12Scg Torque Hammer exhaust & headers

7-11-2019 - What did we do today 2-3-2019 XB12Scg , mounting Torque Hammer exhaust and new headers, service and engine noise XB12S

been a long time.. as my broken ankle did make a mess of the scedule .. but now it is time — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

airbox of, top teirod of and bolt of the wire harness guide out


loosen the clutch cable adjuster

side stand and crank sensor connectors loose

and loosening the rear exhaust clamps

front ones loose

and take the front hanger bolt out

heavy steel of

side stand loose to mount the chin spoiler brackets

engine supported and front mount bolt loose

with a scg.. best to remove the front fender

loosening the exhaust nuts. tighten first a little

than turn loose. little trick that usualy works

recovering the O2 sensor

and the flanges of

as we going to mount equal lenght headers.. the stock gaskets are not that great for these

better use flat gaskets

nice piece of bling can be found here:

mounting flanges on

and header mounted on the bike

engine rotated up again , and tq the front bolt

w-brace mounting

always nice to unpack nice things

assembles and loosely mounted

position the out let pipe ,

tighten the front bolts

and tighten the rear straps.. we made expention bridge in theme , so you can not over tighten theme , and they will expand when hot

a few taps to the slip on connection so set the slip on.. and tighen the clamp

give the straps a notch so the idler wheel runs free from theme

and tighen the right side chin spoiler

looking good

moving to the top , top mount fixed and wire guide

airbox on and steering damper back on

updated the fuel mapping and test ride :-)

engine noise checking ( lifters )

engine need to rotade down.

and checking the clutch basket... how the springs are