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8-3-2019 X1 Cylinders XB12 check, XB12s Black

22-11-2019 - What did we do today 8-3-2019: Buell X1 overhaul cylinders take 2 , checking Buell XB12 , Buell XB12S black out front forks are back from coater

take 2 on the Buell X1 , cylinders are back from clean hone the bores — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

pistons check and cleaning

light lube these

unwrapping , and clean like you mean it. warm soapy watter rince and do again ,

a clean rag should go trough with out picking up dirt.. ( honing grit ) please coat the wall right way after you cleaned, as the course hone will corrode while you look at it !!

pistons down the barrel

upside down the pin in

use some rags in the case opening to catch the piston pin clip when it is flying away

1 down , with some hold down nuts , so the cylinder will not bang up and down on the case / gasket when you are working on the rear cylinder

rear one mounted

head gasket on

and cylnder head on

oil the flats and threads on the bolts so the correct tension will be aplied

the cometic gaskets call for 4 steps tighten

pushrod tubes in

push rods and gasket.. check the pushrods if they are open for the oil flow in the center

rear head.. temp sensor wire can go 2 ways to the front or throught the middle

tighen down the rocker box

lyning up the spacers and cover

having the front engine mount loose , helps with the front rocker box cover , better acces like this

head bolts .. red loctite

and tighten to spec

header on. check the retaining ring still holds onthe pressed end

and tightening

cail back in

exhaust on

intake throttle bodie on

before you tighten the intake flanges fully. mount the front support.. use a little loctite on the banjo bolts

force tube on.. better solution than the sensor pushed in the filter

bal allen needed to mount the elbow

top bracket mounted

and throttle cables on

my 11 o clock .. checking how it runs

yes it can be done.. a child of many parents ( bike build from parts )

but where is the tps wire !

ok lets make things a little better

as i'm not going to take off the airbox every time for tps reset/.. after fuel mapping.. test ride .. nice bike.. .very fresh engine

whoop whoop... back from annodising

now to put theme back to getter

top cap / dampening rod in

preload pins and hold in and screw adjuster for preload in, lock it with the little sping ring

new seals on.. these are very good. low friction seals , come as set

forks in

now first tighten the steering head

preload the bearings

brake line mounted the bracket behind the cover

legs and front wheel in

head light in

looks like a bike again