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20-6-2014 Buell 1125CR, XC9S, XB12X.

21-6-2014 - Buell 1125CR, not charging. Buell Xb9s, stuck in gear. Buell Xb12X resurrection.

 Buell 1125CR, not charging.


Buell 1125CR, not charging , ok some one has been repairing something all ready.


Buell 1125CR, not charging , my guess the stator was rewound , but did not bother to put connectors on the wires.


Buell 1125CR, not charging , while we are working on it i recharge the battery as it came on on the last volts ... all ways tricky with the positive poles protection removed.


Buell 1125CR, not charging , stator wire short cut route.


Buell 1125CR, not charging, now i can handle a little heat, but after a long ride, was a little to hot for comfort.


Buell 1125CR, not charging , rewinding looks decent, a pity it burned.


Buell 1125CR, not charging , just having fun with loads off loctite.


Buell 1125CR, not charging , old rotor off and starter clutch removed.


Buell 1125CR, not charging , cleaning the threads in the starter clutch.


Buell 1125CR, not charging , and cleaning the bolts.


Buell 1125CR, not charging , starter clutch back on with some oil in the rolls push the rotor on, and turn the starter clutch holes in position , and tighten all.


Buell 1125CR, not charging , new stator in.


Buell 1125CR, not charging , gasket on, ready for the cover, use a little silicone on the stator wire rubber to make it seal.


Buell 1125CR, not charging , sensor back on.


Buell 1125CR, not charging , and made a connector on the regulator wires, makes live easier in future.


Buell 1125CR, not charging, sometimes you look to far as most problems we encounter are more complicated... so i checked the fuses first  to find the bulb was blown.


Buell Xb9s, stuck in gear, 5e gear and no down shift possible.


Buell Xb9s, stuck in gear, i had a little peak in the inspection cover, to check if the shifter springs where still on , they where.. mnnnn.. ok open here op.


Buell Xb9s, stuck in gear, the down shift lever was binding a little , de burred and gave it a little bend so it is moving with out any binding, works like a charme again.


Buell Xb9s, stuck in gear, spotted a now known problem, the new model stators have a wire brace that can come off , you see here it has been hitting the rotor nut all ready, better remove the bracket and rivit before it comes loose during riding and destroying the stator.


Buell Xb9s, stuck in gear, removed rivet, better like this...


Buell Xb12X resurrection, bike was left for some time in the barn... bought front seals leaking , and bad running, customer asked us to make it road ready and nice running again.


Buell Xb12X resurrection,bought seals are leaking, really strange ?!.


Buell Xb12X resurrection, also strange... the front axle sticking out.


Buell Xb12X resurrection,and some one has taken the forks apart before ( only 6000 km on the bike )


Buell Xb12X resurrection, breaking down the front legs to replace the seals.


Buell Xb12X resurrection, one down, one to go.


Buell Xb12X resurrection, bought ready for front wheel.


Buell Xb12X resurrection,, while mounting i notices the lower leg was pulling in... so took the axle for closer inspection.


Buell Xb12X resurrection, axle is out off round at the end, and this pulls in the front fork, giving to much tension in the legs, no wonder the seals kept leaking.


Buell Xb12X resurrection, put the axle in the late and turned the end round again, keeping close to 30mm.


Buell Xb12X resurrection, looks much better, and works allot better like this.


Buell Xb12X resurrection, tightening i noticed a other thing... i really need to call the owner.. i don't know what has happened with this bike, but the upper caliper mounting hole is cracked.