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16-9-2016 1125R issues, X1 fuel, XB electrical

29-9-2016 - Buell 1125R stalling issues, Buell X1 fuel pump and injectors, Buell XB electrical problems

1125 R in from Belgium, stalling when hot 

as the customer also asked to check the valveplay, i need the strip the bike

vacuum hose is a little to low, will check and zip tie this to the port 

cruddy... allweaterh bike 

this is a HDI model ( French model ) normaly with 105 HP... this one has been unfreched and the trottle stop is been removed ( the limitation is the throttle opening ) 

this is a HDI model ( French model ) normaly with 105 HP... this one has been unfreched and the trottle stop is been removed ( the limitation is the throttle opening ) 

but now means there is no max opening stop.. so i can turn the rear throttle over 90 deg

checking cooling fan's as the customer was not sure they work... the workings surpriced me to , left fan is sucking

and looks like the right fan is blowing ? ( but i think the airflow off the left fan turns this fan to ) this is low speed 1e stage cooling

engine is getting hot ? normaly this would not happen idle , and battery charging is very low

checked the stator leads, all 18 V ac, stator is ok 

but the wire harness modifocation is still mounted, means very low charging below 5000 rpm

coolling fan "high" Speed, contact off and hot... bought fans suck now

stator directly to the regualtor to test

charging much better 

still the engine stalls after heat soak... fuel pressure ? error light douse not burn

sensor disconnect 

sensor react in the ecm

ok ground issue ? 

a little much resistance to ground, when i rotate the engine i will check the ground point on the cylinder head 

but no sensor will fix this... no fuel pressure when the bike has tun for a while ( heat soaking the right side off the frame ) i bet the fuel pump is broken 

ok 1125 to cool off ... X1 problems, intake seals and fuel pump pressure , air box cover off

and draining the fuel tank by using the test option

while draining i take off the inner airbox 

and the brackets

throttle cables off to remove the throttle bodie 

old spark plug works as fuel line plug so the filter douse not drain

200 Lbs Gorilla thight 

will leave it marks on the allen heads 

and throttle bodie off 

i will clean and test the injectors now to 

mnnn i will clean these , to see if they will pick up some 

on with the pressure regulator , you need to remove the fuel cap ring for this

bigger hole to get the pump out

nut and fitting loose

and uyou can take the pump out 

old regulator and srubby rings

the seals on teh tank it self are also bad 

new regulator on ( o-rings are included ) 

and new outer rings on 

hand deep in the fuel tank and put the wire through

little hylomar to seal the cap again

after cleaning and high rpm testing bought injectors started to perform better...

new o-rings on and injectors back in place

line up the manifold with the front bracket 

and 577 loctite on the breather plugs

fuel pump back on

after bleeded... pressure is good and stays like this

only after a 15 minutes the fuel pressure drops, i woudl say good :-) 

orignal airbox back on... manmanman what a system :-X 

and test ride :-) 

2e test with the 1125, after cooling it got fuel pressure again

stock ecm in just to check the ecm was not still the hdi firmware

agian charging good

and temperature stays around the 80 deg.. idle as it should

but after 15 minutes idle , the fuel pressure drops

back to zero and the engine stalls... was not really hot yet, but fuel tank is heat soaking , will contact the customer and advice to replace the fuel pomp

XB9SX from Germany, electical gremlins 

first thought... cables but also notished the battery try is loose

afv was at 70 ? and bike would not run... set back to 100 and after some time ego correction was going to 128 ? leaking seals ? to little fuel pressure ? 

bike has been tinkered with , as the stack in not on fully

new tps sensor was fitted.. shame the did not ziptie it to the fuel rail so the wire connections will have a longer life

fuel pressure test... no problem here... all good 

cable harness t the ecm douse have some issues

on more than one stop 


other start

best to take this out and reisolate the dammage

and retaped the wires .. and routing this so it can not rub anymore