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30-3-2016 xb12S service check up

1-5-2016 - what did we do today 30-3-2016 xb12S service check up

very nice XB12S in for a check up

she has seen some km..

we noticed for a longer periode this engine is becoming a little noisy, and there is some debris on the drain plug, soon this engine will need a complete overhaull , as discussed with the customer we continue now with the service


gear box oil out , that has been in a long time as it looks really black

but metal debris on the gearbox plug is normal ( contact startermotor and gearbox )

clutch cable seams to be leaking a little

rear disk.. they don't last for ever, i wil put this on the wish list to the customer

removing the pulley cover to check the belt

lower belt guard off , allot easier to remove the wheel

pinch bolt loose and axle loose

first the rest off the front, the clutch cable was loose, to removed the pivot bolt to tighten the cable ,, put the pivot bolt back in with loctite

fresh geasrbox oil in, and clutch adjusted

bike in 5e gear to bump the engine around to check the primairy chain tension, do not overtighten the lock nut

old oil filter off and new one on

reasr wheel out , bearing and belt check bought in good condition

front pulley cover back on, you really do not want to loose this one, so little loctite on the bolts

but use never seas for the lower belt guard screws as these can be very hard to get out after time

when you do your walk around check for missing bolts or screws lef side scoop rear one is missing

front plug change from below

spark plug gapped and ready to go in

moving up , removed the airbox cover to get to the airfilter

sandy living area.. leaves a mess inside the box , will clean it

the rear plug cable was not working nice... and the plug was almost loose ?

fresh rear plug in

looking at the front spark plug cable , terminal is corroded i will change bought cables

base plate and filter cleaned and ready to go on

time to check the front end

front fender of and caliper bolts out

front of the bike supported, front wheel out.. bearings are good to go

front fork out , on the 41 mm legs you need to remove the clips to push the leg trough the lower triple plate

oil fork oil.. it has been a while to look at it

oil changed on the legs, there was a little knock in the front,, so i left the lower triple clamps bolt loose to retighten the steering stem nut to set the preload on the bearings, loosen the pich bolt

remove the handle bar, loosen the stem nut and retighen it , fasten the pich bolt again , and tighten the lower triple t clamp bolts

the front pads are worn unevenly

so cleaning the pistons and pushing theme back and pump the brake lever again to get the pistons out again , with out the pads or back pressure the pistons will not come out all the same way.

caliper cleaned, and fresh pads in, front wheel back in , tighten the front axle

and tighten the caliper bolt ( a drop off loctite on the threads )

no surpriice, pump the brake to pressure , you will not be the first to pull the lever to the handle bar trying to stop the bike , but you don't have any brake pressure wink-emoticon even pushing the bike it is hard to stop the mass with out a brake