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30-1-2019 XB12X short tail and troubles

20-9-2019 - What did we do today 30-1-2019 short tial Buell Xb12X troubles fix and mounting Torque Hammer exhaust and tune, Buell XB12X service and fuel pump fix

short tial Uly trouble fix and mounting TH exhaust, uly service and fuel pump fix

on where we left short tail uly.. rocker cover seals leaking , new black seals in — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

rear to

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new intake seals, and mounting back the throttle bodie

best to mount these with out the bolts.. as there is little room to move the big flanges

mounted.. injector wires back , green is rear

mnnn builders bike . shift rod Tube frame is used..

engine up , mounting bolt some never seas on

and tighten to 66 Nm

side stand and crank sensor wires

rewmoving the welded strap , and exhaust

mnn... this is no solution , and will cause only bigger problems.. exhaust spacer.. when not tight can rattle so much the eye in the case wears out

side stand wiggle .. as it was loose.. side stand bolts covered in oil ..

rear wheel check .. bearings are done

new fresh ones pressed in

clean the crud of before you mount it

checking primairy chain .. ok

checking clutch adjustment. this was to tigh.. just toughing and 1/4 turn back

cleaning the sidestand bolts..

and with red loctite mounting theme back, you do not want these to loosen

stange movement was possible on the shock mounting.. inner bushings gone ? but the bolt was loose

inner bushings are there with the spacer. so bolt loose was the problem

and cutting free the ecm wedged next to the shock

tq hammer mounting.. nice

i love these..

give the slip joint a few taps with a hammer to free the tension before you tighten the clamp

idler pulley back

nice .. powerfull

mounting back the chin spoilers.. some one forgot to use washers behind the rivets... douse not hold good like this , why i noticed it in the first place

other side only 1 screw..

new rivets with backing rings.. for a strong joint

throttle cables mounting , hook theme in

now first mount the grip

and so you can adjust the free play with the nuts on the cable mounting

as the rubbing was a problem with the front plug cable. point the spark plug cable in.. and the coil wire harnes out

now pumping out the left overs.. of the bad fuel

and mounting back the airfilter base

not needed.. anymore ( was also not connected )

i remove it the cable complete

ecm pulled up.. we are going to mount a Lithium-Ion battery, so we have more place to position the ecm under the seat

when the battery comes in. we are going to isolate the harnes aswel

as the rubbing can cause some shorts circuit

bike swaped around on the lift

and front wheel check , typical 2008 uly front fork

will grease the front axle for corrosion

front bearings are done to

with some new bearings will ride better

left scoop is a 03-07 model one

the cable where pushed against the heads... bad idea as the engine moves and vibrates.. i dril 2 holes here

so i can zip tie the regulator and stator wires tight now waiting on the battery

next Uly, for big service inspection and fuel pump problem

i will relocate the ecm to .. as the seat is resting on the connectors.. the ecm will crack in time

yeah... notice the charger.. was giving strange readings.. battery is done..

striping the top airbox. heavy modified for more air , and stil use a stock paper filter

cutting free the fuel line connector

now first the new battery in

and testing the fuel pump if it has problems other than wire to ground .. nope.. pressure is perfect

now pumping the fuel tank empty with the test fuel pump

left foot peg bracket loose

rear wheel out

need new bearings...

pinch bolt loose from the swing arm axle

and swing arm axle loose , leave it like this . is engough room to get the fuel pump out

mnn will talk to the customer.. will advice new belt.. mighty crack here

rest belt has wear marks

fuel pump connector loose

plate screws out .. one back in the middle can be uses as puller

pump pulled out, carefull can drip some fuel

swing arm a little more space

and you can turn the fuel pump out

these wires are unprotected, rubbing the sharp bracket

see the pinch in the brown yellow wire

all conenctors of

and some heat shink tube over the cables

note the O-rings have started to swell

best to mount new ones.. you will never get teh swolen o-rings back in

evenly tighten the base and fuel line back on

swingarm axle back in

set to 66 Nm

and tighten the pinch bolt