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26-9-2014 XB and 1125 service and small repairs.

27-9-2014 - Buell XB12 08 cam timing check. Buell Xb9SX, service and health check. Buell 1125R side stand spring failure.

Xb12 08 cam timing check, exhaust and headers already removed, clean the covers and oil line fittings from loose dirt.


Xb12 08 cam timing check, gently peel out the oil line clips, there is a special tool on the market for this, but with a little care you can peel theme off , don't over bend theme.


Xb12 08 cam timing check, oil line holder loose so the line can be pulled out off the way.


Xb12 08 cam timing check, outer oil pump civer off.


Xb12 08 cam timing check, you can need a little tap to break the gasket loose.


Xb12 08 cam timing check, pulling out the side place ( already removed on this picture ) and pull out the oil pomp rotors.


Xb12 08 cam timing check, no change off mis matching these, big difference between pump and scavenging side.


Xb12 08 cam timing check, engine down.


Xb12 08 cam timing check, and remove the rocker cover.


Xb12 08 cam timing check, remove the rear cover to, to better see the valve action , as the 08 up models don't have a easy way to tell TDC.


Xb12 08 cam timing check, bike in 5 gear, rear wheel off the ground , rotate the engine rear cylinder tdc ( no valve spring tension on the cams ) and remove the front rocker box.


Xb12 08 cam timing check, with the tension off the cams the cover can be slide off, if you see the cams coming out, press theme back in with you fingers.


Xb12 08 cam timing check, bugger... cam timing is dead on... i really tough i found the problem ( and had some reports off cams being off timing out off the factory ) 


Buell Xb9SX, service and health check.


Buell Xb9SX, oil drain while warm, looks like a long time ago.


Buell Xb9SX, Stock filter off with band key


Buell Xb9SX, priming the new filter, we like to use the K&N filters, the housing is stronger , and easy to locwire and remove with the hex on the bottom 


Buell Xb9SX, belt check .. ok.


Buell Xb9SX, little dirty behind the rear cylinder, base gasket is sweating.


Buell Xb9SX, the 2004-2005 models have this belt guard... and these screws can become a pain to remove after time.


Buell Xb9SX, as the 1/8 hex is very quickly rounded, needed to hammer in a torx bit to get it out.


Buell Xb9SX, little bugger, these screw corrode easy.. and will get stuck, will mount some new ones.


Buell Xb9SX, customer felt some vibration in the rear wheel.. the rear wheel bearings are good, but the idler pulley bearings are shot.


Buell Xb9SX, wiggle the holding spring out the groove on the side off the pulley.


Buell Xb9SX, big socket ore pipe and little socket and a vise is all you need to press theme out.


Buell Xb9SX, new bearings , loose available


Buell Xb9SX, press the bearings back in and wiggle the spring in the groove.


Buell Xb9SX, little never seas on the spacers , thick one is the side off the spring.


Buell Xb9SX, smal spacer on the other side.


Buell Xb9SX, rear wheel back in and new screw coated with neverseas for the belt guard


Buell Xb9SX, i detected leaking intake seals, so left side scoop off.


Buell Xb9SX, while checking the primairy chain tension, i noticed the shifter rod was loose.


Buell Xb9SX, a little drop off loctite to fix the screw.


Buell Xb9SX, side stand pivot bolt old style.. check for tightness.


Buell Xb9SX, needed to rotate the engine for the intake seals, but clutch cable adjuster seized, i will work my way around it.


Buell Xb9SX, dirty mess in the airbox.


Buell Xb9SX, clutch lever off to loosen the clutch cable for rotation.


Buell Xb9SX, and engine down.


Buell Xb9SX, intake manifold off.


Buell Xb9SX, not really bad, but noticeable.


Buell Xb9SX, engine back up , never seas on the bolt.


Buell Xb9SX, check for missing bolts.


Buell Xb9SX, airfilter cleaned and back on.


Buell Xb9SX, hooking up the throttle cables again, noticed some corrosion on the starter button screw.


Buell Xb9SX, cleaned and protected.


Buell Xb9SX, right foot peg bracket, use some loctite.


Buell Xb9SX, clutch cable back on.


Buell Xb9SX, front wheel bearing check, good to go.


Buell Xb9SX, brake fluid change, little sign it has been a long time ago, brake fluid has been sweated trough the compensation rubber.


Buell Xb9SX, yep looong time ago.


Buell Xb9SX, should like this.


Buell Xb9SX, brake lever felt a little crunchie.


Buell Xb9SX, clean the contact points and a little grease, will feel like new again.


Buell Xb9SX, don't forget the rear brake fluid , adjusted the settings, and bike runs perfect again.. i think the customer will like it.


1125R side stand spring failure... happens from time to time, spring breaks and falls of and loosing the attachment plate to, we normally have theme instock 


1125R side stand spring failure, new plate on and spring ends the right way, a spring puller helps allot here.


1125R little mishaps... foot peg broke only the rubber holding it on.


1125R , also easy fix..