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25-10-2016, XB12S Winter service. leaking rocker

9-11-2016 - What did we do today 25-10-2016, Buell XB12S Winter service. leaking rocker gasket, Custom Buell XB project, making it run.

as we where preping this XB for the winter ( new oils ect. ) we noticed the rocker box gasket where leaking , making the fan clogh up, best to replace these now before the fan burns out


so we need to rotate.the engine to get to the rear cover , airscoop off

inner scoop off

and removing the intake stack to give the cover some room to move

going down, the exhaust was not load bearing so we need to remove this as well

and rotated the engine down , disconnect the cables and breather

we will clean the frame opening, there for removing the fan,

engine ready to go back up, the orange stock seals replaced for the Black ones ( upgraded ones )

with the rear off the bike supported you can remove the rear shock to get to the fan... when you take this out, you can much better clean off the spilled oil

and do a little cleaning on the fan to

nice custom project from Belgium... but is running badly / not , need to make it smootch good

nice custom build rear subframe , and flat airbox cover with a Motogadget electronic speedo and tach in there

custom pully cover

the front off the frame is shaved clean , and the front is very clean , contact switch is in the airbox cover as are the light switches

under the cover the usual spagetti , already see some long time problem causes , will clean the frame first to have a good ground to the frame

little sanding clean the 2 ground points used on top off the frame , as the tps signal is really screwing up getting back to zero after trying to start

some incication how the bike was running, plugs are fauled

getting to the rear is a challange now

and i think the rear sparkplug cable did contact the plug as the booth is pulled way down

so basics... IDSPD ecm came with the bike with mapping for the exhaust... but the bike is a 2010 model... ecm is not ( 08-09 ) will mean it would not run proper anyway because the change in the fuel system for the 2010 models ( fuel pump will give full pressure 80PSI , instead off the 55 Psi that is normal for the 08-09 models )

ok 2010 ecm in... running ist... still stock fuel mapping , but the fuel pressure regulates back , stll a little problem with it as the fuel preasure ( at least mesured by the sensor ) drops to 23 psi fluctuating after a little heat

but first some other issues, checking the system. engine to 125 deg... fan should start blowing about now running idle from start , pulled off the fuel pressure sensor connector, replacement value is 80 Psi, that is good, will do a fuel pressure test running the bike,

first correct some other issues... the rear O2 sensor wire and connector is sticking trough the fan blades blocking the fan

fan fuses is also blown...

new one in and fan test... fuse blown again right away... ok fan is broken. will replace this one first

just checking... fuel pump connector are sub standard, and really loos connectings

mnnn douse not carry my aproval... sorry will make some decent connections here

after a little talk with the customer, de decision on a good ( non self destuction ) exhaust choisen.. please stay away from carbon exhaust on a XB or tube frame buell , they will explode on you , and this one was fabricobbeled to the stock euro header ( Jardine douse not make exhaust for the 08-10 euro models )

headlight is hidden in the left airscoop

need to take it off to remove the headers

the small right side scoop is also to close to the header looking at the burn marks

rear clamp loose from the Jardine

and makeing some room to rotate the engine down

fabricators are not alway builders , a steel bracket with out protection is not a good support for a wire loom

airfilter is stuck on. would be better if there was a aluminium ring in side so you can clamp the filter, the engine moves.

removing the front bolt header.. lots of tension on the header... while the header bolts to the heads where loose

ok header off, rear off the bike supported to remove the rear shock and get the fan out... already some bolts are missing

new fan in with all the bolts

battery ground... the battery is a Lithium very small pack mounted in the inside off the swingarm , ok but the battery ground should not go to the swing arm

as you now depend on the swingarm bearings to conduct the 180 + Amps the bike needs to start

the welded on connection piece we will cut offo to make a normal exhaust connection

will need the coating cleaned off to make the slip-on connection

rear subframe looks nice