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11-8-2016 M2 leaking base gaskets

6-9-2016 - 11-8-2016 M2 leaking base gaskets

nice M2, one off the last , with custom seat. 

she is been leaking a little on the rear base gasket, with the stock paper ones, can happen after so many km

left side to the rear, is where thy usualy start to leak

so fuel tank off , exhaust off and take off the headers... well taken care off bike, the nuts come off easy 

headers off 

aircleaner off 

and carburator front brace off, to remove the carburator

with the fuel line loose , choke cable off and throttle cables taken out the grip you can pull off the carb.. and remove the throttle cables 

head tierod mount bracket off 

and intake manifold can be removed 

i think the intake seals where leaking ;-) 

rear rocker cover off, a cut off 3/16 allen key or a special tool like this is very usefull to get the right rear screw out as this is under the frame tube 

old style rocker cover... comes in 2 parts

rocker box screws out, first the 5 small ones 

and than the 4 big ones, loosen these evenly ! and put a little rag right rear... as this will leak oil there

pushrods out, and head bolts can be loosened 

oh yes, base gasket is hard as glass... the joy off scraping it off can begin :-X 

ok all cleaned and new gasket on, new model head gasket... no o-rings !! 

a little oil on the head bolt flats and threads, and tighten to specs 

pushrod tubes back in, place the o-rings first in the head than push the tube trough..

bumpsticks in and rocker box back on , put all screws in first to line the rocker box up 

and thighten the 4 big bolts first, evenly , and slowly to the tappets can bleed 

lower rocker cover ring.. the head vent umbrella valve is in there... this one has become hard as plastic. 

will put a new one in, helps to keep the oil spuwing down 

before you close the rocker box , a squirt off oil on the valves and sliding parts 

top brace back on 

and intake manifold back on the bike , line it up by sight so the out let is horizontal 

line the carb up with the bracket before you tighen the breather bolts

and throttle cables back in 

headers and exhaust back on 

noted the pully cover was loose from the bracket, and was already rubbing to the pully, i put some screws back in

start and run... normaly you will not hear tappeds as the time is to short to drain, but if you do , don't reff it over 3000 rpm untill there filled 

she is running nice. so airfilter back ok 

and cover, to take here out for a spin, and heat up the oil , to check for leaks ( pushrod tube base gaskets can be a bitch ) ... inspection after test ride... good to go