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15-7-2015 1125Cr service, WP front fork seals

16-7-2015 - What did we do today 15-7-2015 1125Cr service, WP front fork seals

1125Cr service, the 8 piston caliper has slots in the rear to line up with the wheel spokes

1125Cr service, while draining the oil striping some guards to check wheel and belt... new model belt guard is really a pain 

1125Cr service, while the new model long guard has a better stone replelent working.. is a pita to remove , loose litte screws

1125Cr service, and take out in 2 parts

1125Cr service, long oil try or a very good aim is handy for 1125 left oil plug as it comes out with some flow , removeing the oil filter cover

1125Cr service, right drain plug removing the heat shield so this will not become a oil shield

1125Cr service, and right side plug out

1125Cr service, plugs back in and fresh filter

1125Cr service, for rear wheel bearing check, remove the rear caliper , with long extenstion though the wheel you can get to the bolts turning the disk with the big holes for the bolts

1125Cr service, belt ok

1125Cr service, bearing will do to the next tire change

1125Cr service, rear wheel back in and tq down the axle and pich bolt

1125Cr service, caliper back on, test the rear brake pedal to feel is the master cylinder is sticking

1125Cr service, front end check up

1125Cr service, the 8 piston caliper has slots in the rear to line up with the wheel spokes

1125Cr service, not leaving this in for the next one wink-emoticon i put a new bolt in

1125Cr service, front bearing are ok.. lube up the front axle so the bearings will not sease to the axle

1125Cr service, brake fluid change

1125Cr service, and clutch fluid replace ( this oil can get real dirty )

1125Cr service, and rear brake fuild , some protecting or a very steady hand filling wink-emoticon

1125Cr service, contact on push toggle and mode to in to the disply menu and go to service counter

1125Cr service, and press mode to reset

1125Cr service, steering was a bit wobbly on high speed , checking the supention settings

1125Cr service, rear compression you need the long allen key that is in the onboard tool kit

1125Cr service, did a test ride, still a little wobely, and noticed the steering head bearings had a little play ( knock while braking ) loosen the handle bar

1125Cr service, support the front end and loose the triple t and steering stem pich bolt , as i also will drop the forks a little

1125Cr service. retighten the steering stem nut and fasten the triple t's agian

1125Cr service, handle bar back on , and test ride to morrow when it is dry smile-emoticon to test again ...

WP front fork seals, Oil skool Wp rota front forks smile-emoticon

WP front fork seals, with a nasty leak

WP front fork seals, remove the top cap

WP front fork seals, and pull it if ( held on by the adjustment o-ring )

WP front fork seals, press the spring down and remove the 2 half disks holding the sping 

WP front fork seals, these forks don't come with a dust seals, but there is a c-clip and it will be corroded lots off times

WP front fork seals, but if you look closely you will find the beveled end and with a small screw driver you can take out this c-clip, there is a steel ring under this

WP front fork seals, witht he c-clip removed use the lower leg as a slide hammer and tap the seal out 

WP front fork seals, the other steel ring under the seal

WP front fork seals, very carefully remove the red holder for the busings and take the bushings and spacer rings off

WP front fork seals, new seal and steel rings , WP was a dutch compagny, allot off parts for these are still availeble

WP front fork seals, cleaned up the lower log and first on the c-clip and support ring 

WP front fork seals, little isolation tape to preotect the seal , and slide the seal on

WP front fork seals, rings and bushings back on

WP front fork seals, spacer ring for the top bushing and top bushing ,and put the red holder back over it

WP front fork seals, tap the seal home and put the supprt ring and c-clip in the slot

WP front fork seals, fil the fork with oil and bleed the damper, spring back on, while removing the spring holders was easy, putting theme back takes more effort , extra pair off hands is easy

WP front fork seals, top cap back on and remove the isolation tape put on to protect the aluminium cap nut