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3-11-2016 XB12 88 CI build dyno M2 88CI

23-11-2016 - 3-11-2016 Buell XB12 88CI build, and dyno a Buell M2 88CI

the little things tat take so much time, making and grinding the centerbolt in between the cylinders , want as thick as possible but can not interfear with the liners

ok front side ok a little more off the rear

and both cylinders are ftting fine

heating up the M2 bigbore on the dyno , to heat soak here a little

dowls in the cylinder ( to position the head gasket )

just checking.... ;-) base gasket

need to cut a little off the base gasket so the pushrod cover will seat better

cleaning number 1 cylinder... they look clean ? right ? not ... clean theme untill a piece off cloth douse not pick up any stuff ( comes out a clean as you put it in )

checking the piston ring gap.. very important

nice pistons , these are off centered

oil rings and spacer on

identify the rings with the papers that come with the rings... look for edges and spots

recommanded gaps ... the 2e compression ring was ok

but the top ting was way to tight ... really way to tight

needed to grind it allot

little deburing and checking the rings are correclty positioned

and with the piston ring tool, clamp and push the piston in

one c-clip in

piston assmebly in the rod end and some rags to prevent the c-clip from falling in

last check on postion off the piston and temporary hold down screws on

next... the oil rings look very fragile handle with care

the spacer ring fiirst on the piston than the 2 scraper rings

again identify the rings

and check the caps i set the 2e compression ring to 0.020 and the top rings to 0.017 ( for a 3.125 bore )

top ring.... and i know people wheo never check theme.. these are so big the cannot even be mounted as the ring ends overlap , if you order your kit with us , i will be more than happy to mount the piston rings and check and set the gaps correctly for you

so little filing further

check the piston pins in the rod ends... need to slide with out play

running in assembly lube comes with the kit , give the bores a coating

cylinder pushed on

cylinder and piston assembly on the rod, last c-clip on

time flies when your having fun... dyno M2 88 , basic engine ( build to last ) 102 RWHP and 152 RWNM not bad even to think the rpms could go a little more up...

a little cleaning and rattle loose screws check ... she is ready to be picked up