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8-6-2016 1125 CR burned Stator XB12X intake

9-8-2016 - 8-6-2016 Buell 1125CR burned stator part 2, XB12X leaking intake seals

so made some wire protection sleave and time to pull it tought the engine bay

wires on top...

ok testing... battery clamp voltage engine running is lower than the battery voltage contact off...regulator broken ? AC voltage test on the stator leads ... nothing there.. mnnn bugger

first long time customer with his Uly 2008 model at the moment 115537 km done from new... and counting, but a little hasitation noticed cruising 2500 rpm.. the spot you will notice intake leaks

so intake leak check... yep bike reacts to the brake cleaner sprayed on the flanges

so top side stripping , airbox off , very little oil in the lower cover... engine is still in good condition

airfilter base off

and for better acces remove the coil

connectors loose and top side is ready for rotation

left scoop off and connectors loose side stand and crank position sensor

clutch cable out

and remove the exhaust

weight off the engine supported by a jack and front engine bolt can be removed , and lower the engine

now easy acces to the intake flanges, the 08 up models have the wider upgraded flanges

small signs off leaking, was not leaking hard, but with a well tuned engine you feel the little things

cleaning and prepping for the new seals

manifold back in

because the large flanges , easier to leave the left bolts out untill the manifold is some what in position , tighen the manifold bolds and side support

engine back up and exhaust back on

chin spoiler bracket and covers back on

and hook the throttle cables in

coil back on and airbox mounted

one side indicator was blinking fast... turns out one 5 watt bulb was mounted , don't always look too far into electrical problems 

Uly came in a little loud

as the exhaust dropped off , front mounting hanger is broken

as this one douse not use a pipe clamp .. yep will drop off very easy

fabricobbeld some new hanger eye, and cut some slots in the pipe so i can clamp it

putting back the rear

and front one back on

with the camp the header will now take some off the force on the exhaust

yeah..don't ask... just bind theme tight open , it will not rattle as much

and i will remove the solinoid cable aswell

they do use nice chin spoiler hardware, nice washers

1125 stator part deux... i measurred the wires , nothing from lead to lead... ok.. presumed i made a mistake in soldering the wires on the leads... so took theme off and cleaned the wire ends.. but no resistance between the fases !!

for all the fase the same... the "guy" who did the rewind this obviously did some thing wrong

while it should have resistance as in a circuit ... 0,4 Ohm over all lead pairs

called the customer what he wanted... new stator on or let he rewinder fix the old stator again... now rotor , g'et 'R done , so new stator on.. use red loctite on the stator screws

cable protection screwed in place

and cover back on, hold on thight the last cm the magnets will pull hard on the stator

cover back on.. oil line back in

sensor in place and plastic wire holder

wire protector for the side stand and neutral switch put back on

stator wires pulled top side and put theme back on the plug in the right position

testing... 14+ volts ( wire in the way ;-) )

so airbox back on , put a little ziptie on the idle air hose, so you will not bump it off

and push the airfilter rubber back on

airbox back on... check the throttle for sticking

map sensor back in place hole pointing down

and covers back on

running hot for oil level check

nice coolfan action and stil 14 + volts charging

bike on the side stand ( 2010 model ) and oil back to level in the glas

bike feels a little strange ? wheel bearings.. wheel bearings are ok.. tyre pressure how ever not

but i did feel steering stem knock , so pich bolt loose

bike front end supported and lower triple clamps loose

steering stem pinch not loose

handle bar clamp off

flyscreen off and slide to the front,

and with a pair off exstra hands lift the handle bar to retorq the steering head bearings .. the knock will be gone