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29-4-2016 XB12XT 09 service , XB fuel pomp

7-6-2016 - 29-4-2016 XB12XT 09 service , XB fuel pomp

very nice Uly Xt in for service

while the oil is draining, removing the covers for rear wheel out and belt check

and while the oil is draining, you can do the front spark plug

set the gap on the new plugs to 0,9 mm and a little neverseas on the threads

fresh gearbox oil in

and remount the clutch mechanisme, adjust just toughing and 1/4 turn loose

rear brake caliper off for wheel removal , select 5e gear, bike lifted a little so you can bump the engine around to check the primairy chain tension

this one needed some adjusting , adjust the tension on the tightes spot on the chain , check this at 3 points on the chain

and check iff all the shifter hardware is still solid

these screws can come out...

breaker bar needed to loosen the rear axle

i will replace these bearings, as they are getting chrunchy when you turn theme

belt check , still good to go

fil the swing arm with fresh oil

and rear wheel back on, with fresh rubber and bearings , cleaned the axle and relubricated it

with the wheel in and belt tension still off, put the inner belt protector back on

and tighten the rear axle.. so nice to turn with a cleaned and lubricated axle

covers back on, use loctite on the chin spoiler screws

moving up on the bike, airbox off to replace the rear plug

long extention and wobble joint to get to the rear plug

again, check the gap.. out off the box most plugs have a to small gap

spark plug cable check.. i like to pull the the booth over the cable so i can better feel the connectot locking over the plug, slide the booth over the plug when your done

time for the front end.. bike swapped arount on the lift

front end out, for oil change, note the position off the left , so you can put theme back the same way , you will not believe what 1 mm change here will do :-)

looks like this is the first time out... still factory locktite bond...

clean up the lower legs, as you will colaps theme completely , the dirst will ruwn the seals

nice and nver tought cap nuts.. protect these with some isolation tape before you loosen theme with a socket , please don't use spanners.. they slip off way to easy , marring the aluminium

fresh oil in, and forks back in, pushing the bike in, preforming a brake test, i could here the steering head knack , sign for me to retighten the steering head , so i will the lower fork clamps loose

loosen the steeringhead pich bolt

handle bar needs to come off to get to the steering head nut, marking the bar / clamp , so when the connection comes loose i can easy set it back the way it was

retighened the steering stem nut, lower triple t clamps can be tighened

wheel back in, with also fresh tyre

brake caliper bolt to TQ with loctire

customer also asked to set the suspention, easy.. and my plesure , nothing more important than a nice steering bike

changing the brake fuild front

and rear.... time to test ride :-) and rub in the new tyres... i love my job

Xb fuel pump, taking it out to check it

rear schock lower bolt loose and the swing arm needs to get out the way a little , bike is supended

connector off

loosend the swingarm axle pich bolt

and loosend the swingarm , it just needs a little more room to get the pomp out

and the fuel line off, unsrewing the 4 bolts

twisting and turning, and pump out

the little fuel that was left , looks realy full off debris ?

the pump it self looks good, rubbing protection was already added in the factory , and the pressure seals look ok..

so with some new o-rings and rubber grease the pomp back in

connectiong back on

swing arm in, this can he a hassle , as you poking the axle in a blind hole , line out the swing arm to the engine looking through the hole and center it be fore you put the axle in helps

stack back in

and starting up.. runs nice ... need to test ride