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2-3-2018 XB9SX 2010 running issue, trouble shootin

2-6-2018 - 2-3-2018 Buell XB9SX 2010 running issue, trouble shooting Buell XB12S , Buiell Xb12 88CI oil change

2010 XB9SX running rough issues

removing the right scoop to check the intake seals.. as this is a 2010 it has 2 O2 sensors take care of the wire when you test , so it will not hit the exhaust pipe

pair off old plugs under the seat , one clean the other poluted

letting the engine warm up so the ego correction starts to work ( O2 sensors hot )

light spray on the intake flanges

ego correction drops below 60... i will start with new intake seals

clutch cable adjuster loose

engine supported and front mount loose

left peg bracket loose , other wise this will tough the primairy cover

left scoop of

loosen the crank sensor and on euro bikes the sidestand sensor switch

airbox cover removed

base plate of

top tie rod loose on the engine side

intake stack off

note on the 2010 a extra sensor on the intake manifold.. for fuel pressure

removing the coil notice the rear plugs shimmer

front cable was on good, you see the connector

throttle cables loose

and disconnect theme from the throttle bodie , removing the coil to have room

cable holder can bre removed when you loose the front 2 jam nuts

cables loose

fuel line.. push, pinch and pull... hate these new lines.. the older ones with the red tab where so much easier

check if you have room on the head temp sensor wire

if not unscrew the guide , so there is more slack in the cables

engine down.. and loosen the flange bolts

throttle bodie loose.. markings

and inner edge is brittle

check the vacuum port cap to this one was also hard,


little rag in the ports to clean the cylinder head mating surface

spark plugs out.. easy now... looks familiar

wrong heat grade .. and gap is way to small for a nice spark

cleaned and ready to go on

flanges needs some rotating during mounting

and evenly tighten the flanges

new plugs in.. gap set. and little neverseas on the threads

pul the plug cable connector a little out with a needle nose plier, so you this will 'click " over the spark plug

front cable shows some rips in the booth. i will replace this one

engine up and cables ziptied to the w-brace

peg plate on

and adjust clutch cable.. and pul the boot down during testing.. it will burn other wise

throttle cables hooked in the cam , and loosely mounted

now first to put theme in the grip

injector connectors

coil connector and terminator for the active air control ( JAPAN market only )

spark plug cable point theme in to the engine so it douse not rubb against the cables

top tie rod and ground cable back on , holding down the eyeled so it will not turn

intake stack mounted.. check it is fully on..

and mounting the airbox

covers back on and testing

XB12s trouble shooting .. checking the head temp sensor

that is loceted in the center hole off the rear cylinder head .. remove the ground cable / top tie rod

free the cable , and side the cable guide out the way

with a hook tool, fish up the rubber plug protecting the sensor

and with the special sensor tool unscrew the sensor

old one oud

and testing with a new one

as it is only testing.. routed the cable out side

and let here warm up again

bugger.. also not the problem... front plug stops working when the bike becomes hot.. no spark ( swapped the coil already ) and starts to run on 1,5 cylinder misfiring the front cylinder

rear is sparking ok

ok was a cold day on the dyno...

but 50 km slowly run in

so check and change oil .. the break in oil has done its work

nice and dry. altough the oil has not been really hot yet...

here dray to

nice :-)

checking the clutch / the oil looks spend already

going to check the clutch as it needs a heavy duty spring plate.. pulling 150 NM

front isolator almost done, will replace it

loosen the cover bolts

pull it a little off to let it drip a little

cover of and spring plate tool mounted

plates look good

differance between plates

mounting the pressure plate.. spring ring seat and seat the ring

cover back on.. tq the bolts

oil looks really spent, will do new in

and back on the dyno, prepped and ready .. wide bands O2 sensors front and rear.. to run here in furhter and dyno tune the bike