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8-7-2015 , leaky rocker, Uly in for some love

10-7-2015 - What did we do today 8-7-2015 , leaky rocker, Ulysses in for some love

Last thing after dyno.. engine has been warmed up many times , and took here for s test ride,no leaks , but on the dyno stuff get really up to operating temperature ( oil hot ) , rocker gasket was pinched and started to leak , so fix it

Last thing after dyno, engine down and up fresh gasket in ready to go

Uly in for some love, daily driver, big check over

Uly love, warming up the bike, detected leaking seals , first the oily parts, old out

Uly love, noticed the side stand is loose... needs fixing as the bolts not under tension can snap easy with the long kickstand on the uly

Uly love, front plug out

Uly love, gearbox oil back in and level, mount the clutch mechnisme back, hook the lever in out side the cover


Uly love, belt check, good to go


Uly love, neutral light douse not work when hot, little to much resistance, will replace this one

Uly love, exhaust needs to be removed to get to the side stand bolts... lovely construction on the rear strap , bolt and nut ( very hard to get to ) will make something better

Uly love,front strap removed and exhaust take off


Uly love, loosen the side stand bolts

Uly love, you can see the heads have been rubbing

Uly love, side stand back on, with red loctite on the bolts

Uly love, exhaust strap made a thread rivit in it so i don't have to mess around with loose nuts and spanners

Uly love, easy to screw in the bolt now smile-emoticon

Uly love,, ok top side removed, ready to drop the engine

Uly love, 2 jobs in one , spark plugs doen the easy way , with the engine down

Uly love, intake seal off , little markings on the seals

Uly love, seals replaced , hook up the electrics green wire is reasr injector, white front

Uly love, front spark plug cable shows signs off rubbing

Uly love, engine back op and testing on seals leaking again.... runs very nice now

Uly love, time for the front end

Uly love, front wheel out, bearings are good , but the steering head bearings are shot , i could allready feel this just by pushing the bike

Uly love, forks out, adn remove the front dash

Uly love, head light out with bracket

Uly love, electrics off

Uly love, and dash removed — bij Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

Uly love,with the handle bar removed , steering nut loosened a tap on the nut, to drop the lower triple t — bij Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

Uly love,, and the triple T out — bij Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

Uly love, old bearings removed nice and crusty frown-emoticon — bij Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

Uly love, little tip for the new bearings... as grease is very sparcely used on the new bearings , carefully remove the grease/ dust seal — bij Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

Uly love, and charge the new bearings with some grease , so they will not corrode that easy, and press the seal back in

Uly love,, bearings pressed in , triple t back in, use 1 leg to line out the triple t and tighen the steering stem nut 

Uly love,routing back the cables

Uly love,dashbord mounted back

Uly love,head light and electrics back in