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23-5-2015, X1 TLC.

26-5-2015 - 1125CR charging, S3 belt tension, XB start'rup

X1, in need of love, diagose running on 1 cylinder, testing makes the sparks work, injectors are working, TPS is good and set, AFV reset , so everything should work.. ?


X1, in need of love,ok mechanics ok ? quick check with compression tester, front one very good. cold engine, after 8 turns.


X1, in need of love, but turning the engine over, i hear sounds i don't want to hear... plug out, and sound is gone... compression testing... rear cylinder zero.. ok called the repair guy, and sugjested he take a looksy in the rear cylinder , for it to run on 2 cylinders , it needs some sort off compression...bummer for the owner.


1125CR charging, very nice CR from Germany, with charging problem.


1125CR charging, very nice, but odd to see the rear wheel sticking out.


1125CR charging, seat off... aaahhh i know for sure they have taken off the airbox many times, put they put the map sensor back up side down ( collecing rain watter now in the sensor )


1125CR charging, cold at idle everything looks ok.


1125CR charging, when the bike is heating up and the fans kick in, the DC voltage drops.


1125CR charging, as douse the AC voltage.


1125CR charging, missing screw , will one in for him.


1125CR charging, airfilter base plate separation, when you pull it out lots off times and force fully, the glue breaks, will clean and glue this to getter again.


1125CR charging, short tails come with a free space probem, the HD wire harness patch relais mounted on the solinoid bracket.


1125CR charging, full , no just crouded.


1125CR charging, ok make things better, cover and oil line off.


1125CR charging, nuts and bolt loose.


1125CR charging, clean up the sprag bolts from old loctite.


1125CR charging, as the holes , to make sure these bolts stay in with loctite.


1125CR charging, and clean off the hardened loctite from the flats, to unsure the bearing runs true.


1125CR charging, sprag back on the bike first .


1125CR charging, and line up the holes for the rotor.


1125CR charging, tightening the bolts and Nut.


1125CR charging, front side looked ok, back side, starting a litlle crunchy.


1125CR charging, beter safe than sorry, new stator in.


1125CR charging, little silicone to help the gasket seal on the rubber.


1125CR charging, cover back on, timing sensor in.


1125CR charging wires feeding up.


1125CR charging, no first the clutch, pullin ght lever and securing it will prevent the reservoir to drain completely ( take more effort to bleed the system )


1125CR charging, the known marks off a leaking clutch cylinder.


1125CR charging, wet inside , loosen the nut.


1125CR charging, if they leak you will find allot off scrapings off o-rings and alu in side the cylinder .


1125CR charging, c-clip removed, and knock out the cylinder on a flat surface.


1125CR charging, you see the rubbing marks , not hard annodised , and the seals will rub on the scarings and start to leak over time.


1125CR charging, mounting the oberon, hard annodised surface and proper hydrolic seals, will last a very long time ( have not seen fail yet ) mark the notches is easyer to aline the cylinder in the cover.


1125CR charging, carefully press in the cylinder , the 2e oring can catch on the edge, c-clip in.


1125CR charging, cover back on and tighen the nut, and bleed the system.


1125CR charging, Pegasus back on.


1125CR charging, ok remove the HD wire kit. but the regulator is mounted out off reach of the normal wire harness.


1125CR charging, i can re used the harness, nice thick wires, long enough, only need to make need new terminal on 1 wire.


1125CR charging, lenghtening wire in place.


1125CR charging, perfect, steady 14 volts even with fan action at idle,.


Xb startup, bike was left a long time,.


Xb startup, off course the battery is dead.


Xb startup, new small battery in, little trick bend a ziptie and puch it to hold those pesky nuts in place while you handeling the screws and conections.


Xb startup,, battery in.


Xb startup, push button and start.. ok that was easy, will heat here up, but she runs nice.


Xb startup, little check around on the bike, the brake lights don't work , hot wired the front connector, bulb works, switch is broken, remove the little screw under the brake.


Xb startup,, and pull it off the cylinder.


Xb startup, quick test with the new switch, normaly closed switch, so brake light should burn like this.


Xb startup, check.


S3 racer, very nice odd S3 , customer has been racing with it the last 4 years, and now she is a little retired to the road.


S3 racer, racing old style.


S3 racer, all most there, orginal engine, only pistons replaced, due to oil consuption.


S3 racer, pushing it forward you can hear clonkcs , belt is tight as a string, not good , with this tension, the noise you hear are bearings.


S3 racer, loosend the belt tension and the noise is gone, but i could feel to much play on the 5e gear bearing, will replace this after the summer.


S3 racer, track timer bracket still on, as far forward as possible ( little illegal , as it should be mounted center off the bike, but if you need a wheel lenght to win , this will help )