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1-7-2016 Uly service, trouble shooting Xb

17-8-2016 - 1-7-2016 Uly service, trouble shooting Xb

regular customer in for a big service

after a little heat in the engine, drain the old oils

clutch mechnisme out ,

and do the rattle test to the shifter

front plug is out, best done from below

looks good ( as i run the engine not to long )

gearbox drain plug , o-rings crushed , the metal debris is normal for the gearbox

after cleaning fresh o-ring and a little hydro loctite , and fill the oils back in

fresh oil fillter back on , primed and o-ring a wet finger off oil

check the primairy chain tension

with the rear off the bike lifted, spin the belt around for cracks and stones .. ok here

rear wheel bearings are good to go

rear wheel back in and tq the axle to 66 Nm , don't forget to thighten the pinch bolt

moving up on the bike, battery connection check

outer airbox removed... durty and a puddle off oil , as the last time this was open was more than 16000 km ago.. will clean it, and have a look after 8000 km with a small service , this is a starting sign the piston rings are getting worn out... next to the fact the customer douse not really spare the bike, bad wheather and dirt roads

spark plug cables are stil good to go , take theme off to check the connectors too ( inside )

new plugs.. check and set the gap.. out the box the gap is usualy to small

rear plug ... extention and wobble joint to tq the plug down

airbox base plate cleaned, airfilter cleaned and re charged with filter oil

time for the front end

lower front fender removed, and in my case the beak screws taken out so i can use the front end support

08 up High Uly front fork lower ends are special to keep the same trail but have more steering lock to lock

front bearings are ok

note the position off the legs before you take theme out

and check the rebound settings as i'm going to remove the top cap to change the fork oil

when you put the legs back in check not to pinch the wire loom

1 down 1 to go

clean up the forks before you take theme apart , better for the seals

with the forks out perfect look to the ground tabs on the front off the frame

oil changed , fork back in, and wheel back on, axle to 55 nm

brake caliper bolts use a little loctite

and tq theme down to 50 NM , don't over tighten these , as the bolt will chrush the aluminium and can crack

front lower fender. put the brake line rubber in the slot on the fender

refesh the brake fluid front

and rear... brake fluid is nasty stuff it even sweats trough the compensating membrame

and fresh fluid in the rear

time to heat her up

and check the oil level

little below max is good , test ride :-)

xb12STT test riding... at one point i lost the shifter.. wtf... mnnn the customer did not use loctite on these screws when he replaced the shifter.. will put a new bolt in with loctite

time for my weekly test ride, with a problem bike... 200 km so far with out a problem :-( it becomes frustrating as i cannot find anything wrong, and the bike rides perfect

came back from test ride, desided leave here a little so everything can heat soak , slabed the seat on and the problems started :-) finaly , pushing down on the seat and even the fan came on ( contact off ) ok cable harness / ecm

reading out the files, and error codes . will read the log files to night