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Rocker box set chrome 1x Tube frame Buells€236,00  Add to cart 
Rocker box set chrome 1x Tube frame, Sold as a copmplete kit for 1 cylinder. Quality construction with exact dimensions ensures a perfect, leakproof fit Sold each, two required per motor
Buell XB 9/12 primairy cover repair service€150,00  Add to cart 
Buell XB 9/12 2003-2010primairy cover repair service for all Buell models. The clutch mechanism can be a problem on the Buell XBmodels. The lip breaks out the cover, leaving you with a not working clutch, and in the worst case breaking of clutch hub fingers. We are selling the DMFMachining repair kit ( as we are there ex...
Buell XB 9/12 Black primairy cover 06-10 REPAIREDOn request 
Buell XB 9/12 Black primairy cover 06-10 REPAIRED very good condition Black Primairy cover for all XB 2006 - up ( thick shifter shaft ) with DMF clutch repair plate ( repaired in house ) comes with 3 x short clutch inspection cover screws ( shortened to fit the repair )  
OS exhaust valve guide Buell XB , XR1200€21,18  Add to cart 
OS exhaust valve guide Buell XB , XR1200 ( x1 ) 6,99 valve stem 0.001 inch OS C630 bronze sold a piece please note reaming and milling valve seat after replacement is needed / recommended
WRIST PIN BUSHNG Tube frame, XL 86-18 2x€32,70  Add to cart 
Jimm's wrist pin bushings ( 2x ) with leading edge for easy mounting machined from solid bar stock bronze with tollerance for concentricity WRIST PIN BUSHNG Tube frame, XL 86-18 2x Buell Tube frame models 1995-2002 Sportster models 1986-2018 replacement for 24331-36
Buell throttle shaft X1, S3, XB9 03€115,00  Add to cart 
Here is a repair solution for your Broken throttle shaft for your your Buell X1 all models and years, Buell S3 1999- up and Buell XB9 2003 models. look here for the Install manual don't forget to order intake seals how to set the TPS on your bike
Buell 1996-2002 88CI cylinder kit 30 deg Iron line€1.423,00  Add to cart 
Buell 1996-2002 tube frame models,( 88 CI ) Aluminum cast iron lined cylinders Black with high lighted fins HP 38125 30 degree reversed dome pistons ,80 cc chamber , termal coated tops comes with base and headgaskets case bore is needed. does not fit stock case
S&S 1250CC CYLINDER AND PISTON KITS silver€1.043,00  Add to cart 
S&S 1250CC CYLINDER AND PISTON KITS silver Buell S1,M2, S3 with lightning head ( flat top pistons ) and Sportster models 1986-2018 S&S 1250cc Cylinder and Piston Conversion Kits Features and benefits: This is the Largest Big Bore Kit Offers For Harley-Davidson Sportster/ Buell Tube frame Models T...
Buell XB9 Big bore kit 1050CC BLACK€985,00  Add to cart 
Buell XB9 Big bore kit 1050CC SILVER The XB9R/S set many new standards for sport bikes with it’s introduction, but power wasn’t one of them. Fortunately, TWin Motorcycles introduced a 1050cc bolt-on big bore kit with premium components, and best of all, no case boring is required for installation! Each of t...
chrome cam cover tube frame Buell 1991-2003€296,88  Add to cart 
chrome cam cover for the Tube frame Buell 1991-2003 replica Chrome Cam cover ( 2000- up oil galery to the lifters ) can be retrofitted to all 1991-2003 Buell models also Sportster Xl models
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