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Stock Piston set XL1200€89,00  Add to cart 
Stock Piston set XL1200 88-03 and tube frame replacement for stock 9;1-1 compression set 2 pistons, pins no piston rings
Buell, Xl Rocker arm locking set ( 86-06 )€34,00  Add to cart 
Buell, Xl Rocker arm locking set ( 86-06 )  for All Buell Tube frame models, and All XB models 2003-2010 Evolution engines make a lot of noise inside the rocker cover. This is due to the way H-D designed the rocker arm installation. The bolt that locks the rocker shaft is not a tight fit at all, when installed it allo...
Rod bearings XL 86-99€46,70  Add to cart 
Rod Roller Bearings and Bearing Retainers Include bearings and bearing retainers OEM Numbers: 24354-87A
Buell pinion bearing size green€28,00  Add to cart 
Buell pinion bearing size green
Buell , XL head breather kit€229,00  Add to cart 
Cool and clean cylinder head breather kit with intake mounting a very clean looking way to mount your intake on your Tube frame Buell or Sportster ( 91-06 ) and get right of the breather hoses
Buell Cylinder kit Lightning heads Silver -98€988,20  Add to cart 
Buell Cylinder kit Lightning heads Silver complete cylinder kit for the Buell S1, S3, M2 models 1996-1998 ( Excl S1WL 1998 ) comes with cylinders honed to size new Wiseco piston kit 10,5: 1 compression , Standaard size with hastings rings James top end gasket kit as we make these set to request, take note of ...
Buell X1, M2, S1, S3 Cylinders€240,00  Add to cart 
Replacement Cylinders for XL Evolution-Style Motors ( 1x ) sold each cylinder only for pistons sets look here Thunderstorm cylinder head pistons Lightning cylinder head pistons Replacement cylinders feature ductile cast-iron sleeves in aluminum castings Sleeve has external ribs that “lock&rdquo...
S & S pinion nut for flywheels XL tube frame€28,49  Add to cart 
Pinion Gear Nut S & S   Replacement for stock pinion gear nut
S&S pinion gear white 86-87 models White€374,45  Add to cart 
S&S pinion gear white 86-87 models White S&S provides high quality 1986-'87 stylepinionSportsterpiniongears for use with the S&S Evolution stylepinionshafts used in S&S flywheel assemblies. These are the splined stylepinionshafts as S&S does not produce the 1988 thru 1990 style keyedpinionshaft fo...
S & S oil pump drive gear for S&S flywheel€119,00  Add to cart 
S & S oil pump drive gear for S&S flywheel old style for S&S flywheel09220142 in later models
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