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Stage 1 Buell XB9/12 2008-2010 ECMOn request 
When you already have a Exhaust (we hope you buy our Torque Hammer for the Buell XB 9-12 and K&N Air filter for your Buell XB9/12 2008-2009-2010 model, and you only want too have a good running Bike, Buy this ECM with our fuel and ignition map inside. I tested this ECM with all the big exhaust manufacturers, and with al...
XB9-12 stage 1 kit 2008 - 2010 Big headerOn request 
Our stage 1kitfor theXB12models 2008-2010 makes between 94 and 98.2 HP and between 104 and 108NM of Torque. SOUND CLIP Our stage 1 kit for the XB9 makes between80 HP and between 85 and 90NM of Torque. This complete kit is for the Buell XB 2008, 2009 and 2010 models only. This kit is made because a lot of internatio...
Buell XB 9/12 2003-20210 Performance Clutch kit€210,00  Add to cart 
Buell XB 9/12 all models 2003-20210 Performance Clutch kit. And XR1200 AND XR1200X all year and models. Carbon fiber High Performance clutch kit for all Buell XB models and all XR1200 models. Perfect upgrade for hard street riding, race use and dragrace use. We have punished this kit on our own Buells abd XR1200. 7...
Retaining circlip clutch adjuster screw Buell XL€0,90  Add to cart 
Retaining ring clutch adjuster screw for all Buell Tube models forall BuellXb models for all Sportster models 1957- up for all XR1200 ( X ) models 2008 - up sold per piece replacement for Oem partnumber 11046
Clutch circlip retaining ring Buell Sportster€9,69  Add to cart 
Clutch Circlip, Retaining Ring clutch spring for all Buell tube frame models replacement for OEM 37908-90 for all Xb models for all Sporster models 1991 - up for all XR1200 (X )models replacement for Oem Part number: 37908-90
Buell XB and Tube c-clip clutch pulling plate€4,90  Add to cart 
Buell XB9/12 2003-2010, and all Buell Tube Frame c-clip clutch pulling plate replacement part for original Part number: 37909-90 Fits:> 90-15 B.T.; 91-15 XL; 08-12(NU)XR1200
Buell 1125R / 1125CR K&N Air filter BU-1108€71,00  Add to cart 
Buell 1125 K&N lifetime replacement air filters are designed to increase horsepower and acceleration while providing excellent filtration. BU-1108 These filters are custom designed to fit into your existing factory air box. Their drop-in design means adding performance is simple. Simply remove the disposable air filt...
Afstellen carburateur op de dyno buizen Buell€650,00  Add to cart 
Afstellen carburateur op de dyno: Wat doen we. 1. Het Controleren op lekkage van de spruitstukpakkingen en indien noodzakelijk vervangen. 2. Gaatjes boren in de uitlaat bochten voor het monteren van de lamdas. 3. op de bank lamdas monteren en: - stationair bekijken - acceleratie lage toeren controleren - diverse cruis s...
Buell XB 9/12 03-10 Pushrod cover kit€217,00  Add to cart 
Collapsible Pushrod Covers for The Buell XB series. Like the looks off the old Buell engine? Than are these the thing for you. also necessary for High performance engines with adjustable pushrods ( not included ) Fit's all Buell XB 9/12 from 2003-2010
Andrews N4 cam set, tube frame Sportster€429,75  Add to cart 
Andrews N4 cam set, tube frame models 2000 and up, ( XL 00-07 ) Street/Drags: Stock or modified 883 & 1200. Slightly higher idle speed but stock springs and hydraulic lifters are recommended. RPM range: 2000-6000. Stock replacement for X1 models,
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