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S&S CONROD RACE & WRISTPIN BUSHING SET FITS S&S & OEM CONNECTING RODS WITH BOLTED CRANKPIN Fits: Sportster 57-99 oem, XL; 57-03 S&S XL(NU) and Buell tube frame models with bolted crankpin need to be lapped to size !!
S&S CONNECTING ROD ROLLERS STD FOR S&S & OEM CONNECTING RODS Fits: Sportster 57-03 XL and Buell Tube frame models 1995- 2001
Square key pignon gear€1,35  Add to cart 
Square key pignon gear for all Sportster models for all Buell XB and Tube frame models for all XR1200 ( X ) models
Buell Sportster gear shaft bearing size GREEN S&S€28,00  Add to cart 
Buell Sportster gear shaft bearing size GREEN by S&S replacement part for Oem number 24660-87 for all Sportster models ( 91- up ) for all Buell Tube frame models ( 94- 2002 ) for all Buell Xb models ( 2003-2010 ) please check workshop manual for the right size )
Mounting and line hone right side case bearing€156,00  Add to cart 
Mounting left bearing race and line hone right side bearing in case work performed on your flywheel and cases, we advise this to do after Flywheel/ Crank Overhaul Bearings not included, this is for work only
Milling valve seat and grind valve angle€110,50  Add to cart 
Milling valve seat to fit for valve angle 4x milling new or old valve seats to the correct angle work performed on your heads. please contact us for options
Replacement off valve seats each€65,00  Add to cart 
Replacement off valve seats each work perfomed on your heads price is for work only per seat. please contact us for valve seats to use
Valve guides replacement 4x€117,00  Add to cart 
Valve guides replacement 4x dis -/assembly valve guids, bore and hone and shortening if needed work only, performed on your own heads
Small end bearing replacement and hone€39,00  Add to cart 
Small end bearing replacement and hone for all engines in combination with engine / crank work please send in your piston pins with your flywheel assembly for the best match
Crank bigend revision all models ( bolted crank )€348,00  Add to cart 
Crank bigend revision all models ( bolted crank ) includes ; dis -/ assembly Crank, Honing connecting rod races, mounting honing Big-end pin shimming side play with custom made washers trueing the flywheel assembly This is for work only, no bearings , or shipping you need to send us your flywheel ass...
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