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Yuasa YTX-14BS€85,00 - Add to cart 
Yuasa YTX-14BS   for all buell Xb models  Voltage (V) :  12 Lengte (mm) :  152 Breedte (mm) :  88 Hoogte (mm) :  147 Gewicht (kg) :  4.6 Volume (l) :  0.8 Laadstroom (amp) :  1...
Buell S1 aluminium fuel tank complete POLISHED€1.339,00 - Add to cart 
Buell S1 full aluminium fuel tank handmade completewith gas gap and ( original )fuel petcock DELIVERY TIME 5 MONTHS THIS TANK COMES COMPLETE WITH A KIT EG BACKING RING, SCREWS, HOOK, PLATES ETC - SEE THE ITEMS BELOW This tank will fit all Buell S1 moidels all years.
DAMPER includes rebound adjuster assembly€214,00 - Add to cart 
DAMPER ASSEMBLY includes rebound adjuster assembly, damper locknut, damper assembly HL
DAMPER ASM. 2002-M2€252,00 - Add to cart 
COVER, timer 2001-M2€59,00 - Add to cart 
COVER, timer 2001-M2 COVER, timer 2002-M2
COVER, clutch (black) 2003-P3On request 
COVER, clutch (black) 2003-P3 please orderVIN25349-03
COVER, belt€93,00 - Add to cart 
COVER, belt
COVER timer, outer KP€24,00 - Add to cart 
COVER timer, outer KP COVER timer - outer KP COVER, timer - outer P3 COVER, timer - outer 2002-P3 COVER, timer - outer 2003-P3 COVER, timer - outer 2000*-P3
CAM GEAR, rear intake (cam gear 1 black dot- drive€231,00 - Add to cart 
CAM GEAR, rear intake (cam gear 1 black dot- drive gear 1 green dot)
CAM GEAR ASM., rear w/# 20€661,00 - Add to cart 
CAM GEAR ASM., rear w/# 20 CAM GEAR ASM., rear w/# 19 96*-S1 CAM GEAR ASM., rear w/# 24 (Europe & England only)
BUNGEE CORD LOOP 99*-S3€14,00 - Add to cart 
BUNGEE CORD LOOP 99*-S3 BUNGEE CORD LOOP 2002-S3T BUNGEE CORD LOOP 2000*-S3/S3T HOOKS, bungee cord - long 2002-M2 HOOKS, bungee cord - long 2000*-M2
Buell, Graphic airbox cover€99,00 - Add to cart 
Buell, Graphic airbox cover sold per piece please specify the part number when ordering
Buell, handguard Right XB X/SXOn request 
Buell, handguard Right XB X/SX ,N0017.1AJMBE
Turn signal, right front / left rear - NOS€55,00 - Add to cart 
Turn signal, right front / left rear - NOS
Buell, indictor light XB right front long€67,00 - Add to cart 
Buell, indictor light XB Lightning models right front long
Handlebar - graphite grey - NOS€175,00 - Add to cart 
Handlebar - graphite grey - NOS
Buell, Rider comfort kit XB12X/XT with cat./OBS€337,00 - Add to cart 
Obsolete Rider Comfort Kits These kits improve comfort by redirecting airflow to reduce the overall heat felt by the rider on the right side of the motorcycle. M1907.3AK fits '08-'10 XB12X and '08-'10 XB12XT models. with catalistic converter (Euro models ) Although not required, to maximize the bene...
SIDE CASE LATCH KIT (not illustrated) FX€108,00 - Add to cart 
SIDE CASE LATCH KIT (not illustrated) FX
VENTURI RING€14,00 - Add to cart 
TAIL SECTION - carbon black€1.107,00 - Add to cart 
TAIL SECTION - carbon black TAIL SECTION KIT, w/#12, P/N 14698-99Y & 52480-96Y - carbon black 2000-M2
WIRE SEAL DX€7,90 - Add to cart 
WINDSCREEN (racing red) YL€220,00 - Add to cart 
WINDSCREEN (racing red) YL
Buell M2 Windscreen carbon black€121,00 - Add to cart 
Buell M2 Windscreen carbon black
WINDSCREEN KIT, w/#6 - carbon black 2000-M2€341,00 - Add to cart 
WINDSCREEN KIT, w/#6 - carbon black 2000-M2
WINDSCREEN (primed)€207,00 - Add to cart 
WINDSCREEN (primed) WINDSCREEN KIT w/# 9 (primed) 2000-X1
Buell, Side stand switch repair kit , Tube frame€133,00 - Add to cart 
Tube Frame Buell Side stand switch repair kit Fit's on1995 through 1999 S1 Lightning, S1 White Lightning, X1 Lightning, M2 Cyclone, S3 Thunderbolt and S3T Thunderbolt models. This part is no longer new for sale
Buell Shift lever S1€189,00 - Add to cart 
Buell,Shift Lever S1 96/97 models part number New partnumber N0601.9B old partnumber 33811-96YA
MUFFLER 96-S1€945,00 - Add to cart 
MUFFLER€567,00 - Add to cart 
MUFFLER€999,00 - Add to cart 
JIMS ROCKER ARM BUSHING set ( 8x )€53,43 - Add to cart 
JIMS ROCKER ARM BUSHING set ( 8x ) SOLID BILLET BEARING BRONZE; .555" ID; NOT SLOTTED ( replacement for 17429-91 ) Fits: > 84-17(NU)B.T. (excl. M8); 86-19 XL; 08-12(NU)XR1200; 91-10(NU) Buell XB all models Buell Tube frame all models
Adjustable idle mixture screw set, CV€6,87 - Add to cart 
Easy adjust screw ; INCLUDES ADJ MIXTURE SCREW, SPRING, WASHER AND O-RING; REPLACES STOCK NON-ADJ. SCREW ON STOCK H-D KEIHIN CV CARBS Fits: > 90-06 B.T.; 88-06 XL(NU) all Buell Tube frame models with CV Keihin Carb
CVP, idle adjuster mixture screw set, CV carb€9,63 - Add to cart 
CVP, idle adjuster mixture screw O-ring set, CV carb spring, washer and O-ring for idle mixture adjuster screw , so it seals and has retention
LSL Grips Alu black 22mm€33,78 - Add to cart 
LSL Grips Alu black 22mm handle bar
Buell front wheel bearing tube , XB swingarm (1x) €19,24 - Add to cart 
Buell front wheel bearing tube , XB swingarm ( 1x ) Tube Buell front wheel bearing for all Tube Buell's with PM andMarchesini front wheel. and swing arm bearing XB6204-2RSH sold per piece
Rizoma Reverse retro mirror natural€94,25 - Add to cart 
All new Version of the classic BS070! Rizoma Reverse retro mirror naturalfinish Aluminium The Reverse Retro's extremely simple style - designed to suit the widest variety of lines - offers unbeatable versatility and comfort. comes with adaptor ring from 22 to 30 mm handle bar mounting Antiglare Convex Gla...
Buell XB 9/12 2003-2005 O-ring fuel pump ( 1x )€0,91 - Add to cart 
Buell XB 9/12 2003-2005 viton O-ring fuel pump ( 1x ) you need 3 O-rings ( sold a piece ) for all the older 2003-2005 XB fuel pumps replacement for OEM P0125.02A8
Clutch cable O-ring ( 1x ) Buell and XL models€0,89 - Add to cart 
Clutch cable O-ring ( 1x ) Buell and XL models Fits all Models Buell Tube Frame,XB and XL models replacement for Oem number 11179
Buell Xb chin spoiler Storm design€212,35 - Add to cart 
Buell Xb chin spoiler Stormdesign one piece engine spoiler, with vent openings , mounts to the original mounting points on the exhaust, comes unpainted , in gel coat made from Fiberglas
Universal Licenseplate holder Stainless€49,64 - Add to cart 
Universal Licenseplate holder Stainless with indicator holders to mount to your tail section
WHITE Buell XB 2003-2007 right side air scoop€147,00 - Add to cart 
WHITE Buell XB9/12 2003-2007 Big right side airscoop (intake) made from Fiberglass. Looks very similar to the left side. BLACk version can be found here Comes in black and has TUV
Buell used 1125R swingarm€500,00 - Add to cart 
Buell 2008 1125R swingarm no schratches not cleaned/
Tank-Cover Buell X1€295,00 - Add to cart 
The glasfiber tank cover is a perfect fit one piece mounting which makes do without the known additional tank strips. These are self-contained and can cover so for the conversion to another air filter, be mounted without additional attachments! The tank cover is provided with additional edition inlets, as in the 99'...
INSPECTION COVER, chain Tube frame , XL 91-03€20,76 - Add to cart 
INSPECTION COVER, chain Tube frame , XL 91-03 chrome replacement for OEM34993-90
STEPLESS EAR CLAMP 10,3-12,8 mm a piece€1,15 - Add to cart 
STEPLESS EAR CLAMP 10,3-12,8 mm ( 1x ) Lightweight design narrow 7 mm wide band provides concentrated seal compression 360° Stepless® design with no gaps on inner surface Specially formed strip edges reduce the risk of damage to the part being clamped Tampering is visible
Buell XB12, XR Black highlighted 1275 Kit€1.345,00 - Add to cart 
Buell XB12, XR Black highlighted 1275 Kit Buell XB12 Black with high lighted fins 1275 Kit Fit's all Buell XB12 Models from 2004-2010, And XL1200 2004- up and XR1200 Compression 10,5:1 for standard Xb, XL , XR bathtub cylinder head Bore Size: 3,600 Kit includes 2 cylinders, 2 Pistons, set piston rings gaske...
Jagg Oil filter adaptor with thermostat , XL€147,06 - Add to cart 
Jagg Oil filter adaptor with thermostat , XL and tube frame Buell models Oil Filter Adapter with Thermostat Built for reliable performance and easy installation Features a unique built-in oil by-pass valve and includes ProLine swivel fittings for easy oil plumbing Installs between the oil filter landing and t...
TOPOIL€13,95 - Add to cart 
This 'top lubrication' lubricates and protects the top part of the cylinder and cleans / lubricates the valves and seats. The problem with E10 gasoline Euro 95 petrol consists of 10% ethanol and 90% fossil fuel. And is therefore called E10 fuel. This petrol causes many problems. - Ethanol / water combination is...
GASKET, rocker cover - upper€7,47 - Add to cart 
Buell X1,M2,S1,S2,S3 Rocker cover inner gasket. Fit's all BuellX1,M2,S1,S2,S3models from 1995-2002. and XL models -2003 sold per piece replacement for OEM 17354-89
Buell XB 9/12 Tube frame and Blast brake switch€9,85 - Add to cart 
Buell XB9/12 switch brake light front mastercylinder ZTL (6 piston caliper ) replacement for OEM part numbers Y0810.9 and 71776-96Y comes with mounting screw Used on: All Xb models with ZTLbrake system (6 pot caliper ) S1 , M2, S3 and X1
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