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Low level senson switching unit€26,25  Add to cart 
Low level sensorswitching unit for Thermoresistor sensors and motogadget display or stand alone light / LED unit Low Fuel Warning Light Module for thermistor sender Slow response means steady indication operates LED low fuel warning light including Motogadget Motosign Mini can be added to most vehicles with a...
Battery monitor 2 for Lithium battery€27,22  Add to cart 
JMP Skan Monitor 2 Lithium see here for Lead acid or Gel Battery monitor 2 Battery monitoring with your smartphone: With the JMP Skan Monitor 2 and the new and free Apple or Android app "JMP BatteryMonitor II" you are able to check the state of charge of your battery quickly and easily. Only when the...
Battery monitor 2 for Gel and lead acid battery€27,22  Add to cart 
Battery monitor 2 for Gel and lead acid battery see here for Battery monitor for Lithium battery Battery monitoring with smartphone "Not suitable for lithium batteries." please see here for Lithium battery monitor With the JMP Skan Monitor 2 and the new and free Apple or Android app " JMP ...
Barracuda extra Switch€27,43  Add to cart 
Barracuda extra Switchbutton ALUMINUM - WATERPROOF The SWITCH BUTTON for additional spotlights is a universal component, made of aluminum with a smart connection to the control block. The button is water proof and has an ON / OFF operating light. The SWITCH BUTTON completes the supplementary headlight kit to be ...
battery charger connection Optimate€22,16  Add to cart 
battery charger connection Optimate connection with fuse
Motogadget, mo.lock digital NFC ignition switch€142,00  Add to cart 
Motogadget, mo.lock digital NFC ignition switch NFC (Near Field Communication) is a variation of RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) and extremely tamper-proof. The mo.lock digital ignition switch is used to switch the ignition on/off to a distance up to approx. 20 to 40mm. The mechanical ignition switch can be replace...
Ground strip tube frame models€19,00  Add to cart 
Ground strip tube frame models for all Tube frame models 8,5 inch lenght ( 20 cm ) 21 mm2 10 mm holes
Buell XB12R top cover, relay€26,70  Add to cart 
Buell XB12r 2003-2007 Cover, Fuseblock, Fusetop, w/ Label, Buell. very limited suply , please ask before ordering
Buell, Bulb, instrument cluster, warning lights,XB€11,30  Add to cart 
Buell, Bulb, instrument cluster, warning lights for All XB speedometers part number ;Y0163.02A8
Buell X1, S3 Spark plug wire kit€44,00  Add to cart 
Buell X1, S3 injectionSpark plug wire kit Constructed with silicone throughout the jacket, insulation and core to deliver high-temperature resistance Rated at SAE Class E J2031 with a continuous operating temperature of 450° F
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