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409 Pro Race Custom-Fit Spark Plug Wire Kit€56,00  Add to cart 
409 Pro Race Custom-Fit Spark Plug Wire Kit Tube frame buell with single fire performance coils Same features as the Sumax 8mm wires but larger (10.4mm) for that fat look Made in the U.S.A.
LTX14-BS Lithium battery Xb models€99,00  Add to cart 
LTX14 CNT Lithium battery Xb models Shido LTX14 BS replacement battey for all XB models PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This new SHIDO battery has all the advantages of the existing SHIDO Lithium-ion battery as there are: Higher cranking capacity. Approximately 70% lighter than the lead-acid alterna...
Buell 94-03 Alternator kit €499,85  Add to cart 
BuellTube frame 94-03 Alternator kit Kits include stator, rotor, black rectifying voltage regulator and mounting hardware Made in the U.S.A. Adding electrical accessories increases amperage usage. When doing so, it is important to consider amperage ratings of switches and wires. If you draw too many amps through a...
Buell XB 9/12 03-10 ground cable engine to frame€17,00  Add to cart 
Buell XB 9/12 all modelsground cable engine to frame Upgrade for OEM numberY0307.02A8 for all XB models Manufactured from 4-gauge, 1,650-strand tinned copper wire with a super flexible silicone jacket Unique lug design (99.9% pure electrolytic copper) provides a positive connection with greater conductivity an...
Battery cable positive Tube frame models 16 inch€19,00  Add to cart 
Battery cable positive Tube frame models 16 inch replacement for 70097-75 , 70097-75A CABLE ASM., battery positive CABLE ASM., battery - positive CABLE ASM., battery positive 2002-M2 CABLE ASM., battery - positive 99*-S3 CABLE ASM., battery positive 2000*-M2 CABLE ASM., battery - positive 2002-S3T CABLE ASM., ba...
Buell XB /12 and Tube frame clutch lever switch €15,90  Add to cart 
Buell XB /12 and Tube frame clutch lever switch Fits all XB and tube frame models from 1996 part number C0145.T screw can be found here TMCA0006.TA
Cooling fan Buell XB 9/12 2003-2010On request 
Buell XB 9/12 2003-2010 cooling fan assembly, fits all Buell XB 9/12 R/S and X models. Replacement for Y0050.02A8A Fit's on the following models: FIREBOLT (XB12R) - 2009-2010 FIREBOLT XB12R - 2004 -2008 FIREBOLT XB9R - (984cc) - 2004-2007 LIGHTNING - (XB12Scg) - 2009-2010 LIGHTNING - (XB12Ss) - 2009-2010 L...
toggle switch 12 volt on/off 20 Amp€9,90  Add to cart 
Universal toggle Switch on/off 20 amp 12mm hole
Buell O2 sensor (lamda sensor) replacement€37,60  Add to cart 
Buell O2 sensor (lamda sensor) replacement O2 lambda sensor for all injection Buells XB9/12 R/S/Xmodel years from2002 to 2007. Will also fit on the old tube Buell models with injection. Used on the following models: FIREBOLT XB12R - (1203cc) - 2004-2007 FIREBOLT XB9R - (984cc) - 2004-2007 LIGHTNING CITYX XB9SX...
Buell XB X1 S3 and 1125 Fuel low level sensor€26,00  Add to cart 
Buell, Fuel low level sensor replacement forP0789.KA Buell XB models 2003- 2009 Buell X1 and Buell S3 injection models Buell 1125 R and CR added ground wire for 1125 / XB 2010 models but can be removed to work as original for XB and 1125 models don't forget the order the O-ring seals for the fuel pump
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