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Battery BTX14H SLA max all Buell XB 9/12 models€108,00  Add to cart 
Battery BTX14H SLA max all Buell XB 9/12 models Designed to offer maximal performance to big engine bikes equipped with lots of electronics accessories Superior capacity AGM Construction (Absorbed Glass Material) VRLA Battery (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) Sealed and factory activated Spillproof design. Multi...
LTX14-BS Lithium battery Xb models€99,00  Add to cart 
LTX14 CNT Lithium battery Xb models Shido LTX14 BS replacement battey for all XB models PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This new SHIDO battery has all the advantages of the existing SHIDO Lithium-ion battery as there are: Higher cranking capacity. Approximately 70% lighter than the lead-acid alterna...
Buell 94-03 Alternator kit €499,85  Add to cart 
BuellTube frame 94-03 Alternator kit Kits include stator, rotor, black rectifying voltage regulator and mounting hardware Made in the U.S.A. Adding electrical accessories increases amperage usage. When doing so, it is important to consider amperage ratings of switches and wires. If you draw too many amps through a...
Buell XB 9/12 03-10 ground cable engine to frame€17,00  Add to cart 
Buell XB 9/12 all modelsground cable engine to frame Upgrade for OEM numberY0307.02A8 for all XB models Manufactured from 4-gauge, 1,650-strand tinned copper wire with a super flexible silicone jacket Unique lug design (99.9% pure electrolytic copper) provides a positive connection with greater conductivity an...
Battery cable positive Tube frame models 16 inch€17,00  Add to cart 
Battery cable positive Tube frame models 16 inch replacement for 70097-75 , 70097-75A CABLE ASM., battery positive CABLE ASM., battery - positive CABLE ASM., battery positive 2002-M2 CABLE ASM., battery - positive 99*-S3 CABLE ASM., battery positive 2000*-M2 CABLE ASM., battery - positive 2002-S3T CABLE ASM., ba...
Twin motorcycles Buell XB 2008-2010 regulator €139,92  Add to cart 
Twin motorcycles Buell XB 2008-2010 regulator Replacement for the Y0302.5A8,VOLTAGE REGULATOR 40 AMPS. 14,2 Volts also for Lithium battery note ! new connectors on the stator and bike are needed ( these are suplied with the kit ) we looked for a long time for replacement connectors, but these are moulded on the wir...
Buell 1125 battery Nitro for all 1125 / Xl€119,40  Add to cart 
Buell 1125 battery Nitro for all 1125 / Xl for all 1125 models And Sportster replacement for OEM 65958-04
LTX14L-BS Lithium battery Buell 1125, Sportster €119,00  Add to cart 
LTX14L-BSSHiDO replacement battery for Buell 1125 Take advantage of the first ever SMART battery technology. Connect your Android or Apple Smartphone over Bluetooth with the new SHIDO CONNECT LiFePO4 start battery and stay informed on the health of your Lithium Battery. Shido Lithium-ion Connect Batteries have a...
Yuasa YTX-14BS Battery all Buell XB models€85,00  Add to cart 
Yuasa YTX-14BS Battery for all buell Xb models Voltage (V) : 12 Lengte (mm) : 152 Breedte (mm) : 88 Hoogte (mm) : 147 Gewicht (kg) : 4.6 Volume (l) : 0.8 Laadstroom (amp) : 1.2 ...
Buell XB 9/12 2003-2010 nitro battery all models€124,00  Add to cart 
Buell Xb battery Nitro for all XB models 2003-2010 AMG battery replacement for OEM 65948-00A Nitro battery Buell XB all models 200 CCa 12Ah cheaper option as the stock or SRV battery, but next in line for quality , and Cold starting cranking power will fit all Buell XB 9/12 2003-2010 models.
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