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Bardahl Gearbox oil XL Buell XB models€11,00  Add to cart 
Bardahl Gearbox oil XL Buell XB 9/12 models all year and models. API SG/CD ACEA A3, B3, E4 A special synthetic lubricant for long term lubrication of CC gear boxes and chains. The high quality lubricant provides a maximum protection and sustainable use under all climatic conditions. Suitable for all modells Sportste...
Buell XB 9/12S Select Seat for XB ModelsOn request 
Buell XB12 Select Seat for XB Lightning Models. Fits '03-later XB9S and '04-later XB12S models (except '06-later XB12Ss).
Multi parts cleaner 600 ml€3,00  Add to cart 
Multi parts cleaner 600 ml A multi-use brake parts cleaner that quickly removes brake fluid, grease, oil, and other contaminants from all brake pads, drums, springs, callipers, cylinders, and other related brake parts. Its special non-chlorinated formula degreases instantly and dries quickly, leaving no residu !!! can...
Bardahl Fuel stabilizer 250 ml€21,00  Add to cart 
Fuel Stabilizer When a (classic) car, Motorcycle or outboard engine is not used for a long time, add Fuel Stabilizer to the fuel. If fuel will stay in a fueltank for longer time, fuel will get out of date. In order to ensure that the volatile components in the fuel does not disappear, it is advisable to add Fuel Stabi...
Bardahl, Octane booster, 300ml€17,00  Add to cart 
Bardahl, Octane booster, 300ml 1 bottle is for 40 Liters off fuel Increases the octane rate up to 5 points. Deposits in the combustion chamber, improper timing or too low an octane fuel are all causes of engine ‘knock’. Combustion chamber deposits can also result in after-run or continued combustion of ...
Bardahl, Motor & bike cleaner Bio, 500ml€6,00  Add to cart 
Bardahl, Motor & bike cleaner Bio, 500ml removes dirt quickly and thoroughly. Biodegradable. A multi-purpose, powerful cleaner that all kinds of dirt FF, scooter, QQ, etc easily dissolves. Spray affected areas and let to soak about 3 minutes and then rinse. For heavier it is recommended to brush before.
Bardahl, chain lube, 200ml€9,20  Add to cart 
Bardahl, chain lube, 200ml also excelent lubrubricant on cables !! please note due to transport regulations, this can not be shipped air freight, please ask us if you are not sure !! Chain lubricant with excellent adhesion. A high-pressure chain lubricant that the life time of all types of chains, with or withou...
Bardahl , Silicone grease, 100 gr€13,60  Add to cart 
Bardahl , Silicone grease, 100 gr for watter proofing electrical connectors, mounting o-rings, and rubbers A multi-functional paste, based on a silicone oil and inherit fillers, for use in high temperature applications. It is suitable for long term lubrication because of its high resistance to chemicals (including...
Bardahl, Anti-seize paste 1100 deg C , 100 gr€14,00  Add to cart 
Bardahl, Anti-seize Ceramic paste 1100 deg C , 100 gr Anti-Seize Ceramic Paste 1100°C A lubricating/ and assembly paste for high temperatures. It is a lead-free copper paste with a very high content of inorganic solids. It provides long-lasting protection for slow-moving machine and engine. Summarized: the use of ...
Bardahl, multi service grease, 100 gr.€4,25  Add to cart 
Bardahl, multi service grease, 100 gr. in handy small 100 gr container A universal grease specially developed for the automotive, transport, DD and do-it-yourself sector. This grease contains lithium soaps and special extreme pressure additives. It is formulated to meet the lubrication requirements of plain and ant...
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