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Bardahl, fuel water remover 300ml€25,00  Add to cart 
Bardahl, fuel water remover 300ml Removes moisture from the fuel system. 300ml is enough for 60 liter Bardahl Fuel Water Remover removes water from fuel tank and ensures it burns in the combustion chamber of the engine without any problems. By removing the water from the fuel tank, it prevents corrosion of the filter ...
Bardahl, Fuel treatment 300ml€17,00  Add to cart 
Bardahl, Fuel treatment 300ml Fuel Treatment A fuel additive which keeps the fuel in good condition. Bardahl Fuel Treatment is a unique blend of ash less detergents, polymers an solvents clean up and keep clean carburetors or fuel injector tips and other fuel system parts allowing your car to get its maximum gas mi...
Bardahl, Fuel injector cleaner 300ml€26,00  Add to cart 
Bardahl, Fuel injector cleaner 300ml Fuel Injector Cleaner A fuel cleaner for gasoline engines that cleans and lubricates the engine very well. Bardahl Fuel Injector Cleaner contains a blend of solvents and ash less detergents which act to clean and maintain the cleanliness of port injector nozzles and other fuel s...
Bardahl, Oil Booster and Turbo Protect 300 ml€19,49  Add to cart 
Bardahl, Oil Booster and Turbo Protect 300 ml Oil Booster + Turbo Protect Enhances the II efficiency of motor oil for cars and bikes with or without turbo. Bardahl Oil Booster + Turbo Protect contains the “polar attraction formula” which is a unique concentrate of polar organic compounds and extreme pre...
Bardahl. B2 Oil Treatment 300ml€11,95  Add to cart 
Bardahl. B2 Oil Treatment 300ml B2 Oil Treatment An oil additive for engines with high mileage and or high oil consumption. An oil stabilizer and thickener for (classics) / engines with high mileage or high oil consumption. Ensures that the oil is thickened, with the result that the oil will seal the pistons better...
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