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Buell XB, 1125, Tube All models Battery Charger€33,53 - Add to cart 
Buell XB9/12 Buell 1125R, 1125CR Buell X1, M2, S1, S2, S3 all Tube frame Buell's Accumate compact battery charger, automatic 12 volt charger. You better use it. AccuMate Compact 2-in-1 selectable 12V plug-in charger / DC supply ideal for long term storage of 12V lead-acid batteries or 12VDC supply for electronic tools, GPS...
NGK spark plug DCPR9E Buell XB,XR1200,Sportster€6,10 - Add to cart 
NGK spark plug type DCPR9E, For all Buell XB models and XR1200 and Sportster and XL models. We change them on the Buell XB and XR1200 and Sportster every maintenace interval 8000KM or 5000 Miles Sold per piece you need to order 2.
Buell, XR1200, Sportster O-ring Upper Pushrod€1,98 - Add to cart 
Buell S1,S2,S3,M2,X1, BuellXB, XR1200, XR1200X., Sportster O-ring, Upper Pushrod(OEM number 11190) sold per piece.
Buell XB, and Sportster Oil Seal Crankcase€5,22 - Add to cart 
Buell XB Crank Oil Seal, Fit's on the following models: 1200 CUSTOM - (XL1200C) - 2010 1200 LOW - (XL1200L) - 2006-2010 1200 NIGHTSTER - (XL1200N) - 2010-2011 1200C CUSTOM - (XL1200C) - 2005-2009 1200N NIGHTSTER - (XL1200N) - 2007-2009 1200R ROADSTER - (XL1200R) - 2005-2009 2003 FIREBOLT - XB9R 2003 2004 1200C...
Buell XB, Tube, Sportster, XR1200 exhaust stud(1x)€4,35 - Add to cart 
Buell XB, Buell Tube, Sportster, XR1200 , stud for Exhaust port.    Fits all Buell models, All Sportster models. Price is for 1 piece, OEM partnumber 16715-83
Exhaust port gasket for all Buell and HD models€5,60 - Add to cart 
tapered Exhaust gaskets for all Buell XB and Tube frame models, allXR1200 and XR1200Xmodels and all Sportster models. Price is for 1 piece, you need 2 of them. oem part number 65324-83B
Buell and Sportster Battery 19 Ah X1 & M2 1999-€167,52 
Order 65989-97D Original Buell Tube Battery and Sportster Battery, used by Twin Motorcycles. We recommand to use a accumate or Optimate battery charger, ones this battery has gone empty, it is broken and you need another one. Original Buell TubeBattery for BuellX1 and Wide M2 models, 19 Ah also for the Harley David...
Buell Tube Frame High Performance clutch set€192,00 - Add to cart 
High Performance Clutch Kit for allTube frame Buell models 1997 - 2002 Buell modellsand Sportser models till 1991 untill 2013,and EXTRA PLATE KIT (10 Friction & 9 Steel plate ) we advice to use Redline D4 gearbox oil for this clutch
Buell and Sportster Transmission Neutral Switch€19,43 - Add to cart 
Buell/Sportster Transmission Neutral Light Switch, Fit's all Buell Tube and Xb Models all years. Fit's Sportster modelsfrom 1986 till 1998. Comes with seal. Price is for 1 piece.
Buell, Sportster OEM Transmission oil Formula+€10,94 - Add to cart 
Buell and Sportser original OEM Transmission oil, recommended by the factory and by us. You don't want any problems with your clutch. We use this on road and race applications without any problems. Recommanded for all Buell, Sportster and XR1200, XR1200X models. Old part number 99851-05
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