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Gear fourth-mainshaft Buell XB Sportster XR1200€109,84  Add to cart 
gear fourth-mainshaft for All Xb models 2006 and up all Sportster models 2006 and up all XR1200 ( X ) models 2008 and up
Magura, Hydro clutch XR/ XL black kitOn request 
Magura Hydraulic Clutch Conversion, XR /XL models 80 inch / cut to lenght oil ine this Magura hydraulic clutch kit offers very smooth feeling and consistent light operation. Kits are easy to install with the included instructions, providing you with a 40% easier to operate clutch system The master cylinder has a design that...
XR 1200 - Sportster 04-13 Pully Cover RedOn request 
XR 1200 - Sportster 04-13 Pully Cover red So you have decided to get rid of the bulky front pulley cover, or you want to do what we did and cut some holes in it to reveal the pulley underneath? Problem is, the pulley is rusty and not very attractive. Here is the solution. This pulley cover fits using the two pulley locki...
Retaining circlip clutch adjuster screw Buell XL€0,90  Add to cart 
Retaining ring clutch adjuster screw for all Buell Tube models forall BuellXb models for all Sportster models 1957- up for all XR1200 ( X ) models 2008 - up sold per piece replacement for Oem partnumber 11046
Clutch circlip retaining ring Buell Sportster€9,69  Add to cart 
Clutch Circlip, Retaining Ring clutch spring for all Buell tube frame models replacement for OEM 37908-90 for all Xb models for all Sporster models 1991 - up for all XR1200 (X )models replacement for Oem Part number: 37908-90
Buell, Primary chain XL/ Tube / XB9 modelsOn request 
Diamond Primary chain for XL ( 86-03 ) and Buell X1 / M2 / S1 / S3 and XB 9 and Blast models 94 links replacement for Oem 4005-57B
Buell, Sportster washer for clutch hub main shaft€9,00  Add to cart 
Buell XB and Tube Buell models and XR1200, XR1200X and Sportster Spring washer clutch hub (main shaft ) replaement for Oem number 37870-91 for all Buell aircooled tube models and All XL 93 -up and all XR1200 models All Buell XB models
Buell outside bearing 5th gear gearbox€42,00  Add to cart 
Buell XB9/12 outside bearing 5th gear for gearbox for all Tube frame models Buell X1, S1,S2, S3, M2 and XB9/12 models untill 2005 model year. replacement for oem partnumber 8996A
Mainshaft gearbox, Buell Tube Sportster€139,00  Add to cart 
replacement Mainshaft gearbox, Tube frame models , 5 speed Sportster 91-2005 replacement for Oem partnumber 35640-89 for all model Buell Tube frame for XB models 2003 - 2005 for Sportster models 91-2005
Buell, Sportster Needle bearing gearbox mainshaft€21,00  Add to cart 
Needle Gearbox bearing replacement 5e gear/main shaft fits All Buell tube frame models, and XL 93-up Oem partnumber ; 35051-89 sold per piece
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