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Buell and Sportster Pulley lock tool€190,00  Add to cart 
Jims Pulley Lock Tool Use this tool to lock the final drive sprocket when removing and installing the sprocket nut. Use on all Sportsters® 1991-present (28T and 29T only). Use on all Buell tube frame models 1994-2002 (28T and 29T only).
Rear suspention spring press€166,75  Add to cart 
Rear suspention spring press to re move or replace rear shock absorber springs
Magnetic tray for Bolt's and nuts€31,00  Add to cart 
Magnetic tray for Bolt's and nutsvery handy for tools and parts rectangular size 280 x 114 x 65 mm
Motion Pro Rocker cover Wrench Sportster Buell€18,32  Add to cart 
Motion Pro Rocker cover Wrench for Sportster and Buell S1,S2, S3, M2, X1, and older Tube frame models. This tool is for thehard to reach rockercover screws size 3/16" 3/8" wrench can be used to connect a Torque wrench
Sparkplug insert repair M12€5,68  Add to cart 
Midlock, sparkplug thread repair insert M12 x 1,25 For all Tube frame Buell, XB9/12, XR1200 and XR1200X models and XL 86-up sold per piece
Midlock sparkplug threath repair kit€80,00  Add to cart 
Midlock, Sparkplug threath repair kit reamer-tapwith 2 M12X1,25-17 threadinserts inserts are also sold as spare part 283-D and are way much better solution than using helicoils, because the full metal insert , and will leave a normal to service spark plug thread For fast and easy repair of damaged Spark plug scr...
Jims, Fork stem bearing puller tool€107,53  Add to cart 
Jims, Fork stem bearing puller tool FORK STEM BEARING REMOVER Use this tool to remove the lower fork stem (Triple Clamp) tapered bearing. ( HD No.48300-60 style bearing ) For Buell tube frame models and XL sportster models.
Open & box end spanner set, US sizes€29,00  Add to cart 
Open & box end spanner set, US sizes size from 1/4 to 7/8 very good starter kit
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