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LTX14 CNT Lithium battery€114,49  Add to cart 
Shido LTX14 cnt replacement battey for all Xb, 1125 or XB models PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Take advantage of the first ever SMART battery technology. Connect your Android or Apple Smartphone over Bluetooth with the new SHIDO CONNECT LiFePO4 start battery and stay informed on the health of your Lithium Battery. Shid...
AMP, MULTILOCK MALE PIN ( 1x )€0,35  Add to cart 
AMP, MULTILOCK FEMALE PIN ( 1x )€0,29  Add to cart 
AMP MULTILOCK PLUG. 4-WIRE ( 1x )€2,61  Add to cart 
AMP MULTILOCK PLUG. 4-WIRE ( 1x ) crimp termials part number 548201
AMP 4 pin MULTILOCK RECEPTABLE ( 1x ) replacement AMP connector 4 pin crimp terminals part number 548200
LED indicator Amber€11,00  Add to cart 
LED indicator Amber 8 mm ( 1 X ) drill in brass plated indicator light to hook up to your bike
XR1200 and XR1200X 09-13 replacement regulator€98,10  Add to cart 
XR1200 and XR1200X replacement regulator. Fit's all XR1200 and XR1200X models from 2009 till 2013 solid state regulator for all XR1200 ( X ) models and Sportster 2009-2013
Optimate Lithium charger€61,00  Add to cart 
The OptiMate Lithium 0.8A 4S charges LiFePO4 / LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) 4-series batteries with nominal voltage of 12.8V – 13.2V. Special features: Saves low voltage LiFePO4 batteries Specialized LiFePO4 charge cycle Maintains & protects LiFePO4 batteries Battery BMS reset. CHARGING ...
X3 Lithium battery high power€239,85  Add to cart 
X3 Lithium battery Big brother for the YLP14 series battery with higher quality LI-ion cells and higher cold cranking amp for all XB, 1125 and XR1200 models x3 lithium Voltage (V) : 13.2 Capacity (Ah) : 12 Lenght (mm) : 148 Wide (mm) : 68 Hight (mm) : 105 Weight (kg) : 1.25 CCA (amp) : 300 ...
YLP14 Lithium-ion BatteryOn request 
YLP14 Lithium-ion Battery light weight and powerfull for all Xb,1125 and XR1200 models Voltage (V) : 13.2 Capacity (Ah) : 14 Length (mm) : 114 Wide (mm) : 69 Hight (mm) : 95 Weight (kg) : 0.76 CCA (amp) : 245 need more power use the X3 version we advice to use a special charger 6300561 to keep...
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