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Kellerman Indicator Black steel€56,03 €42,00
Kellermann's stud mounted turn signals feature TÜV and EU approved white lenses, a 12Volt 21Watt amber halogen bulb and M10x1.25x20 stud mounts. black powder coated steel, A perfect match with Kellermann's handlebar mounted indicators. Sold each
GSG, XR1200 XR1200X paddock stand adaptors€71,00
GSG, XR1200 ( X ) paddock stand adaptors
Magnetic tray for Bolt's and nuts€31,00
Magnetic tray for Bolt's and nutsvery handy for tools and parts rectangular size 280 x 114 x 65 mm
XR1200 Front Brake pads RACE USE€61,00
XR1200 and XR1200X2008 and up Race Brake Pads. We developed them with Galferespcially forthe XR1200. This is a Sintered front brake pad kit for serious stopping power. FORRACEUSE !! (or for people on the street that like hard braking like we do) Sold as per setfor one caliper 2 needed. Characteristic Composed...
XR1200 clipons for Stock front fork silver€165,00
These are our own developedSilver Clip-ons for the Twin Motorcycles XR1200, and have a 7° inclination, and can be made on every size. This article is for the stock front fork size of your XR1200 and for use with our Triple Tree kit This set can be custom ordered to mount with a different size front fork expect ...
XR1200 2007-2009 Progressive fork spring kit€182,00
Progressive front spring kit XR1200 please order oil with the product W 5 1 liter. Only fit's 2007-2009 models XR1200.
Old skool rubber grip set 96-up€24,00
Retro looking rubber handgrips for your XR/XL to give theme that Old Skool look. because there a little thicker they feel also good rubber with a chrome detail ring fits on all HD 96-up
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